7 of the best Islamic song applications 2019, make the heart cool!

Are you looking for Islamic songs? Just use the Islamic application again, so you don't bother looking for one on the internet. Come on, see the full list!

Do you like listening to Islamic songs?

This holy month of Ramadan, it is most fitting to hear Muslim religious songs that can accompany your fast to make it more afdal.

There are quite a lot of Islamic song singers in Indonesia, the songs that are sung are very touching and able to enlighten the heart.

You can find Islamic songs themselves from various sources, one of which is through the application. With that you don't have to bother looking for songs one by one.

Come on, see the full application of the best Islamic songs, below!

Best Islamic Song Application 2019

Looking for Islamic songs you can do in various ways. Starting from buying CD cassettes, to downloading on the internet.

However, it's easier if you use an app to listen to Islamic songs. Because all the song lists are neatly arranged and ready for you to play.

Well, some of these Islamic songs are also provided specifically for children with songs that are educational and easy to understand.

Here are the application recommendations, in full:

1. Album of Islamic Religious Songs

First is the app Islamic Religious Song Album which has a wide selection of domestic and foreign singers.

Currently, you can choose 6 singers with each of their best songs that you can play for free.

The sound quality of the songs in this application is also quite good. Come on, try the application and fill your day with Islamic songs!

RatingRated for 3+
Game Size12 MB
Minimum Android4.1 and up

2. Muslim Children's Songs & Prophet's Prayers

Next is the application of Islamic songs that are suitable for children. Muslim Children's Songs & Sholawat Prophet This is complete with a religious song about the basic teachings of Islam.

So, it is not only fun, but also can provide good teachings about Islamic teachings for children.

In addition, this application is also equipped with bright and colorful images. It doesn't stop there, there are already lyrics available.

So you don't need it at all install song lyrics app again.

RatingRated for 3+
Game Size40 MB
Minimum Android2.3 and up

3. Spotify

Who is not familiar with the song player application Spotify?

Jaka is sure that you know or even one of the users. This application has a large selection of songs from various genres.

You can find almost all songs here, of course with the best sound quality if you subscribe to Premium.

Not only worldly songs, you can also search for Islamic songs. You just type 'Islamic' or 'Ramadan' in the search field, there will be many songs provided.

Let's try the application now, gang!

RatingRated for 12+
Game Sizevaried
Minimum Androidvaried

4. Juz Amma & Muslim Children's Songs

The next is Juz Amma & Muslim Children's Songs, this application is perfect if your sister or cousin is just learning the verses of the Koran while listening to religious songs.

In addition to having a complete list of songs, this application features the 30th Juz of the Quran which is colorful and very fun.

Not only that, Juz is given complete with verses and words in written Arabic.

And there are Islamic song lyrics every time you choose a song. Great!

RatingRated for 3+
Game Size47 MB
Minimum Android2.3 and up

5. 4Shared

Well, if this one is a legendary application. What else if not 4Shared, an online file storage and sharing service provider.

By using this application, you can find many types of songs including religion. Not only that, you can also search for other data.

You can also play songs or download them for free in the 4Shared application. If you want to contribute, you can also upload songs that are not on the list.

Apps Downloader & Plugin New IT Solutions DOWNLOAD
RatingRated for 3+
Game Size11 MB
Minimum Android4.1 and up

6. Islamic Children's Song

Islamic Children's Song It is also very suitable for children, you can search for more than 20 Islamic children's songs.

Just like before, song lyrics are also provided in this application. You can also play songs as an app background.

So, you can do other things on your cellphone while listening to children's Islamic songs. However, to stop the song you must enter the application again.

RatingRated for 3+
Game Size30 MB
Minimum Android4.0 and up

7. Islamic Religious Songs

Last is Song Islamic Religion, this application has a variety of Islamic songs that are suitable to accompany your ngabuburit time.

You can find the best Islamic songs sung by Sulis. To listen to songs using this application, you must be connected to the internet.

Using the application is quite easy, you just select the song and the application will play the song online.

Apps Productivity Indi Develop DOWNLOAD
RatingRated for 3+
Game Size3.3 MB
Minimum Android4.1 and up

That's the best Islamic song application that Jaka recommends for you to download and use to hear religious songs in this month of Ramadan.

Write your opinion in the comments column, yes. See you in the next article!

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