6 android applications that can optimize your android performance

Android smartphones are indeed efficient in terms of hardware but unfortunately this Android smartphone is not immune to the problem of storage space, residual files, here are the best android system tools that can optimize the performance of your android

Android smartphones are known to be fierce in terms of quality, hardware and software and what's even more surprising is that you can have this Android smartphone at an affordable price. You can check the price of 2 million Android smartphones and the best Android smartphones.

Android smartphones are efficient in terms of hardwareUnfortunately, this Android smartphone is not immune to storage space problems, files leftovers, resource consuming apps, and much more. To help you keep your Android smartphone in the best condition, JalanTikus already has a list of the 6 best Android System Tools to optimize Android smartphone performance.

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Best Android System Tool For Android Smartphone Optimization

1. DiskUsage - Visualize Storage Space

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Android system toolsDiskUsage This is an application that helps you visualize the storage space of your Android smartphone. Android Application system tools It has a simple design, and a clear interface. After opening the DiskUsage Android application, you just have to wait until it arrives scan finished then you can easily see the visualization of the storage space on your Android smartphone.

There are 3 colors displayed in this DiskUsage Android application, namely blue, green, and orange. The function of this DiskUsage Android application is to provide information files anything that takes up a lot of storage space, so you can delete it to optimize the work of your Android smartphone.

2. Greenify - To Restrict Android Apps

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Best Android System Tool Greenify is an application that can be used to restrict other applications. This Android app will analyze which apps will be problematic, highlight the name of the app, and then allow you to "hibernate" the Android app.

When you run the Greenify Android System Tool application, you can see in the "app analyzer" menu, a list of applications that are currently running on the app background and a list of applications that might slow down your Android smartphone. You just click which application you want to hibernate and then click the "Zzz" button.

3. SD Maid - Delete Unnecessary Files

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SD Maid is an Android application that will help you to keep your Android smartphone clean and tidy. Application Android System Tool it offers a set of features for managing apps and files.

Elementary School Maid has 4 basic features, namely Corpse Finder (to delete uninstalled application data), System Cleaner (to delete unwanted files), App Cleaner (to delete applications that have not been used for a long time), and Database (to delete database files). from deleted apps). In addition, there are also features search to find the desired file name. By using the Android System Tool application, it is guaranteed that your smartphone remains in its best condition.

4. CCleaner - Make Your Android Clean, Safe and Fast

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Best Android System Tool CCleaner is the world's most popular smartphone cleaning app. Just like the version of CCleaner made for computers. This Android System Tool application will delete junk files, restore your Android smartphone storage space and also monitor your Android smartphone system. Here are some useful CCleaner functions for you:

Optimize and Clean

  • Speed ​​up your Android smartphone and delete junk files safely.

  • Delete cache applications, download folders, browser history, content clipboard and much more.

  • Delete log individual calls and SMS messages in bulk, and by time or by contact.

Restore Storage Space

  • Streamline your Android smartphone or tablet.

  • Fast and easy uninstall some unwanted applications.

  • Free up valuable storage space on your Android smartphone.

Easy to use

  • Optimize your Android smartphone in just a few clicks.

  • Simple and easy navigation.

  • Free from ads.

  • Fast, compact and efficient with low memory and CPU usage.

Monitoring System

  • Check your smartphone's CPU usage.

  • Keep track of RAM and internal storage space.

  • Check the battery level and temperature of your Android smartphone.

5. Clean Master - Cleans Files and Antivirus

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This Clean Master application is useful for cleaning junk files and improving the performance of your Android smartphone. This Android System Tool Clean Master application has 4 main features, namely:

  • Clean junk files

Delete cache and residual files from applications that have been deleted to free up storage space on your Android smartphone.

  • Phone Boost

Cleaning applications running on background to speed up the performance of your Android smartphone. In addition, there are also CPU Cool Down features (relieve CPU work), Game Boost (manage resources when playing games), and Autostart Manager (manage applications that run automatically).

  • Anti Virus

Detect viruses and other threats that are harmful to your Android smartphone. You have to often updates This antivirus feature keeps your Android smartphone safe.

  • Battery Saver

Turn off battery draining apps. Because some apps keep running even when on background and this will drain your Android smartphone battery.

6. Avast Cleanup & Boost - Junk File Cleaner & Integrated With Avast

Avast Cleanup & Boost is an Android System Tool application that is useful for cleaning junk files and unused applications. Avast Cleanup & Boost has a simple interface and is easy to use.

Some of the excellent features of Avast Cleanup & Boost include:

  • Remove Junk: Analyze and clean all unnecessary data.

  • Safe Clean: Instantly cleans unnecessary data, system cache, thumbnail gallery, files installation, and residual files.

  • Application management: Can do uninstall applications and monitors how much internal memory is used for applications and application data.

Well, that was the 6 best Android System Tool for optimizing Android smartphones. This application is perfect so that your Android smartphone is not slow and so that your Android's internal memory does not run out quickly due to overcrowding. Good luck, hopefully useful!