5 android apps to get free in-app purchases in games

Want to have paid game items but don't need to spend money? Check out this way. Who knows you might be lucky to get free in-app purchase game items!

Playing games is indeed a fun activity much-loved various circles. Starting from office people to school children, all like to play games. Because of his hobby, not infrequently many gamers willing to sacrifice time, even money for the sake of games.

Indeed, when playing games, for example on Android devices, there are some great items or weapons that can only be obtained by buying (in-app-purchase). Then the question is, can we get those items and weapons without paying? Of course, I can. How can you use the help of these 5 apps.

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5 Android Apps To Get FREE In-App Purchases in Games

1. Lucky Patcher

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Lucky Patcher is an old player that is already very popular among Android miners. Lucky Patcher you can use to remove ads in applications, remove application licenses, and also get paid items from a game. It should be noted that not all games the item can be obtained using this application. That's why this app is called Lucky Patcher.

2. Creehack

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Creehack you can use to improve your character's abilities in the game without spending by buying items. Creehack can be used by all Android smartphone users, whether rooted or not. To see a list of games you can play hack with Creehack, you can visit website Official Creekack.

3. Freedom

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By using the app Freedom, you can buy coins, gems, and other game items for free. true freedom take advantage of security holes contained in Google Play In-App-Purchase features. So it's as if you're paying with money, but you're not.


4. Leo PlayCard

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Leo PlayCard combines the functionality of CreeHack and Lucky Patcher. Many argue that Leo PlayCard better compared to CreeHack and Lucky Patcher because it doesn't need root to use it.

5. AppSara

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Just like the four applications above, AppSara you can use to get In-App-Purchase items in Android games without spending any money at all. There is one more advantage of AppSara, which is how it looks simple and easy to use.

There he is 5 Android apps which you can use to get items in Android games for free. If there is a game that not compatible with one application, you can use the other. Good luck trying one by one these five applications. Do not forget share your experience after trying it.