7 of the most useless Naruto characters, worse than Sakura!

With so many characters in the Naruto anime, there are some characters that turn out to be useless! Who are they?

If asked to name the most popular anime of the past few years, many would say Naruto.

Good storyline, great ninja battles epic, until the stories of the characters become the main reason.

Moreover, Naruto has many characters that are fan favorites. Even so, it turns out that there are many useless Naruto character!

The Most Useless Naruto Character

Maybe you will say Sakura Haruno as the most useless character. Jaka didn't agree because at least he joined the fight against the last enemy, Kaguya.

There are still a lot of characters that are far more useless than Sakura. If you read the reason below, you will surely understand why.

Here, ApkVenue will not include side characters that rarely come out. Weak characters like Iruka are also not included because he plays an important role as a father figure for Naruto.

Then, anyone the most useless character in Naruto anime?

1. Shino Aburame

Photo source: Narutopedia - Fandom

As a classmate of Naruto, Shino Aburame is a side character that is often forgotten. During the Chnin exams, he was on a team with Hinata and Kiba.

We can easily recognize it thanks to its ability to control insects. But other than that, we won't really care about it.

When Naruto and the team chased Sasuke who was about to go to Orochimaru's place, Kiba was also not involved because he was on a mission.

In the Boruto series, we can find out that Shino has a career as a teacher at a ninja academy. Other than that, there wasn't much he had done.

2. Anko Mitarashi

Photo source: Narutopedia - Fandom

Anko Mitarashi is the result of Orochimaru's experiments. Therefore, he can issue a snake move like his.

The first time Anko appeared was during the Chnin exams before Orochimaru came to attack the village of Konoha. Anko easily lost when faced with him.

Later, he reappeared while trying to find Kabuto during the Fourth Ninja World War. He was caught and his snake power was absorbed by Kabuto.

Anko managed to survive after the war ended. We can see him turning fat on Boruto. Defeated many times might make him lazy to practice.

3. Karin Uzumaki

Photo source: Painceiziel

Just like Sakura, Karin Uzumaki is Sasuke's bucin. He is often shown silly, usually when fighting with Suigetsu.

Karin is a ninja who has sensory abilities and heals people by allowing her body to be bitten.

However, in general he was of little use. During the fight against Danzo, he was stabbed by Sasuke who betrayed him.

He was also used by Sasuke as a pawn to trick Sakura. Even so, Karin is still infatuated with Sasuke. That's what it's called bucin.

Naruto Characters Have No Other Use. . .

4. Tenten

Photo source: Screen Rant

Compared to the female ninja characters of her contemporaries, Tenten often considered the most useless.

This teammate of Neji and Rock Lee is a weapon specialist that is usually removed from sealed scrolls. Even so, he lost against Temari during the Chunin exams.

During the Fourth Ninja World War, he got a special task to seal Treasured Tools of the Sage of Six Paths. He only managed to seal two of the five objects.

On chapter Lastly Naruto, we get to see Tenten change course by opening a ninja tool business. This further emphasizes the uselessness of this one character.

5. Ebisu

Photo source: Genius

As a person who claims to be a teacher for the future Hokage candidate (Konohamaru, grandson of the Third Hokage), Ebisu is a ninja who does not have any abilities.

We have never seen him take out a dangerous move or threaten the opponent's life. He even lost badly against Naruto's perverted jutsu.

When Pain attacked Konoha, he couldn't put up any resistance at all. In fact, Konohamaru, who was actually his student, was the one who managed to defeat Pain.

In fact, he is a Chunin. I don't know how he got to that level.

6. Rin Nohara

Photo source: DevianArt

Believe it or not, Rin Nohara was one of the causes of death of the Fourth Ninja World War! For those who don't know, he is a teammate of Kakashi and Obito.

We never know what Rin's true abilities are. Is he a medical ninja? Or has a strong punch like Sakura?

For all we know, Rin was made as Jinchuriki of the Three-Tails Demon by force. He ordered Kakashi to kill him so that Konoha would not be destroyed by it.

Obito who loves Rin saw the incident and became a grudge against Kakashi. In fact, all of that was arranged by Madara Uchiha.

Oh yes, because of her character who has a sweet attitude, it seems that many make Rin their waifu!

7. Kurenai Yuhi

Photo source: Narutopedia - Fandom

Ninja in Naruto has three levels, namely genin, chnin, and Jonin. The most powerful is Jonin like Kakashi and Guy Maito.

It means all ninjas Jonin must be strong, right? Apparently not, gang! We can see an example in Kurenai Yuhi.

As the teacher of Hinata's group, Kurenai has genjutsu abilities. Unfortunately, this ability is not very strong because he lost badly against Itachi Uchiha.

In addition, she did not participate in the Fourth Ninja World War at all because she had just given birth to her child with Asuma. He also decided to retire as a ninja.

Those were some Naruto character which according to Jaka is the most useless. Apart from their standard abilities, their presence in the anime doesn't really matter.

Perhaps an exception for Rin as his death could trigger the Fourth Ninja World War. But basically, he died as a tool of another village who wanted to destroy Konoha.

In your opinion, who is the most useless Naruto character? Do you agree with the list from Jaka? Write in the comments column, yes!

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