These 5 smartphone camera functions are often overlooked by users

Not just for photos, here are 5 smartphone camera functions that users often ignore.

The camera is one feature that is often the main consideration for most people when buying a smartphone. Smartphone cameras are even considered by some people, especially women, as more important than the specifications of the smartphone itself.

Most people use smartphone cameras to take selfies, take pictures of objects that are considered good to be exhibited, capture certain moments with the people closest to them and scan documents.

Actually there are a lot of smartphone camera functions that you can try. This is another function of the smartphone camera that is often overlooked by users.

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These 5 Smartphone Camera Functions Are Often Ignored by Users

1. Checking Heart Rate


One of the most useful functions of a smartphone camera that you can try is checking your heart rate. Of course, to do this you need additional applications such as Instant Heart Rate which allows you to check your heart rate by simply sticking your index finger to the smartphone camera.

2. Seeing Infrared Rays


Another smartphone camera function is viewing infrared rays of a device that emits the beam.

Point your smartphone camera at a device that emits infrared light such as a TV remote and you will see a purple light which is infrared light (the sensor on a smartphone interprets infrared light to purple).

3. Shooting With Volume Keys


If in general you often take pictures using the buttons on the screen then from now on you should use volume button you to take pictures because it is more practical and also to avoid movements that can make your smartphone shake when shooting using the buttons on the screen (avoiding blur in photos).

4. Scan Barcode, QR code and Negative Film


You can also use the smartphone camera to do scan barcodes or QR code. This is of course useful when you want to add friends on various social media applications and find out certain information about a product.


In addition to scanning barcodes or QR codes, you can also use a smartphone camera to scan negative films to make them available digital files. Simply shine a light on the negative film you want to scan with a bright light then point your smartphone camera at the negative film, take a picture and use the negative effect on your smartphone to neutralize the negative effect on the film.

5. Translate Text


For those of you who are blind English, you can use your smartphone camera to translate various texts contained in various objects in the real world and also the images you see just by pointing your smartphone camera at the text you want to translate. Of course you have to install the application Google Translate first.

That was it 5 smartphone camera functions that are often overlooked even though these tricks are pretty cool and very useful. , hopefully this article is useful and good luck trying the tricks above with your favorite smartphone camera.

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