7 dota 2 heroes that are most suitable for beginners

Well, for you DotA 2 beginners, this time Jaka has summarized several heroes that are really suitable for DotA 2 newbies to play. What are the heroes that Jaka means? Here are 7 DotA 2 heroes for newbies.

DotA 2 is a MOBA genre games which has become increasingly popular in recent years. Apart from improved graphics and added characters who we often refer to as heroes, DotA 2 also offers an exciting gaming experience, regardless of the wins and losses you get during the game.

Every time, of course, there will be a number of new people who are interested in playing DotA 2, namely those who are called beginners aka newbie. Well, for you guys DotA 2 novice players, this time ApkVenue has summarized some a hero that is really suitable for DotA 2 newbies to play. What are the heroes that Jaka means? Here are 7 DotA 2 heroes for newbies.

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7 DotA 2 Heroes that are Most Suitable for Beginners

1. Sacred Warrior


Sacred Warrior is a type hero Strength which has its own advantages in terms of attack distance. If most Strength type heroes use melee attack, then this one hero uses long-range attacks which when combined with skillsBurning Spear very suitable to use the opponent's HP while staying close tower. Besides, this hero too have Heal skills just in case you are dying as well as skills Life Break which can reduce the enemy's blood 50%.

2. Dragon Knight


Dragon Knight is another hero that is suitable for use by newbies. This hero is equipped with skills Breathe Fire as an attack skill, a skill Dragon Blood which makes this one hero not easy to kill, skill stun to escape or attack the enemy, as well as skills Elder Dragon Form which will increase movement speed, attack, and defense.

3. Wraith King


For you newbies who are afraid your hero will die, try using it Wraith King. Skills Vampiric Aura belonging to this hero will increase survivability you when on the battlefield, Stun skills and skills Reincarnation which allows you to come back to life, of course, can make newbies calm down a bit when in war.

4. Stealth Assassin


Another hero that is also suitable for use by newbies is Stealth Assassin. This one hero is equipped with skills Smoke Screen which will make the enemy attack miss when attacking you so you have time to either attack or escape. Besides, skills Cloak and Dagger what this hero has will make it invisible so you can safely do it farming and free from surprise attacks (unless the enemy uses Gem of True Sight and Sentry).

5. Dwarven Sniper


Still afraid to go into battle? Yes, you can stay near the tower while doing push line by using heroes Dwarven Sniper. This hero is fairly easy to use by newbies because the attack distance of this hero is very far so you can continue farming close to your tower and attack the enemy tower from a safe distance. Having trouble getting kills or afraid to join the fight? Just use Assassinate to kill enemies from a distance.

6. Rogue Knight


Rogue Knight is one of the heroes with damage the most in DotA 2. This hero fairly complete in terms of skills because it has defense skills and attack skills. You can take advantage of Storm Bolt to protect oneself or attack and Warcry as a defense and escape skill. What about attack skills? Calm down, there God's Strength which will increase your damage 150%.

7. Ax


Well, if you newbies want to use a hero that is really hard to die, you can try Axe. This hero can be said to be a hero with very high survivability thanks to his skills Counter Helix to counter the opponent's attack and Berserker Call which will add armor you in large numbers. To get kill, you can use Culling Blade that allows you to do instant kill when the enemy is dying.

Those were the 7 DotA 2 heroes that are suitable for beginners to try, hopefully it will be useful and happy playing. Jaka himself, when he first played DotA 2 (DotA), chose to use Sacred Warriors and Rogue Knights, how about your first hero when you were a newbie? Don't hesitate to leave a trace in the comments column as well share to your friends.