new! Here are 10 advanced augmented reality games that you must try

_Augmented Reality_ (AR) technology has long been present on Android-based devices. Here Jaka tells 10 augmented reality games that you must play on Android.

Technology Augmented Reality (AR) actually has long been present on Android-based devices. Pokemon GO is one of the popular games that utilize this technology. Present in 2016, Pokemon GO immediately attracted attention netizens with the combination of AR.

Besides Pokemon GO, there are many too AR based games available on the Google Play Store. Have gameplay which are both fun, here Jaka will tell you 10 games augmented reality that you must play on Android. Let's see!

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10 Augmented Reality Games You Must Play on Android

1. Bee Ready

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bee ready is one of the Augmented Reality games that has gameplay simple. By using a smartphone camera, you will play by shooting bees those around you. There are also butterflies in the game that cannot be shot.

What you need is maintain blood and get the highest score. When your blood ends the game is over. Sometimes there are balloons that you can shoot to get extra ammo and blood.

2. Domino World

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Project Tango is one of the projects developed by Google using technology augmented reality. Domino World is a game developed for Project Tango based devices.

Like playing dominoes, you will arrange them in the environment around you such as a table or chair. You can drop it for creating a domino effect. Unfortunately this Augmented Reality game is only limited to some smartphones, such as Lenovo Phab 2 Pro and Asus Zenfone AR.

3. Ingress

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Developed by Niantic, Ingress to be one of the best Augmented Reality games on Android. Present before Pokemon GO, this game actually attracted the attention of many gamers. Ingress also requires you play outside.

Ingress will show you where the portal is. You have to hack, build it for your team, and fight enemies who want to steal. Ingress can be an alternative to AR games, for those of you who don't like playing Pokemon.

4. SpecTrek

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SpecTreck highly recommended for those of you who like horror-themed games and combined with augmented reality. Have gameplay like Pokemon GO, you have to go around and catch ghost who roam.

The main goal of SpecTrek is to get you playing outside and walking around. You can download this game for free, while for full version you need to pay US$2.49 or around IDR 33 thousand.


5. Temple Treasure Hunt

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Board games very popular with young people today. Can be played with your friends, Temple Treasure Hunt is one of the interactive board games looks like you have to try. In addition to using AR, this game also combines it with a location detection feature.

The advantage, Temple Treasure Hunt can play with friends You use multiple smartphones at once. Unfortunately this game is still filled with a lot bugs, although it's not too distracting.

6. Toyota 86 AR

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Toyota 86 AR very fun to play for those of you who like car racing games. Aside from being an Augmented Reality game, the Toyota 86 AR is also used as a means of promoting world-renowned car manufacturers. To play, you stay print mark given in the game.

You can place the markers either on the floor or on the table. By using the camera, the Toyota 86 AR will automatically detect the markings to bring up the car. You can too do drifting in the surrounding area as you please.


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Just like Domino World, game WOORLD is another game that can only be played on -based devices Google Project Tango. In this game, you can play by building various things in your room.

WOORLD very suitable for played by both children and adults by displaying funny and attractive graphics. Although it is quite a drain on the battery, WOORLD can be downloaded and played for free.

8. Ghost Snap AR

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Ghost Snap AR at a glance will remind you of the game Fatal Frames or DreadOut. In this game you will play like looking through viewfinder camera. you will keep chasing ghosts whether you run or stand still.

Ghost Snap AR is very exciting for those of you who want to test your adrenaline by playing horror games. You can download the Augmented Reality Ghost Snap AR game for free and play without paying even once.


9. Zombies, Run!

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Want to fitness while playing a game with being chased by a swarm of zombies? Games Zombies, Run! could be the solution. This game will only work when you walk or run. You will unlock a new storyline every time you run in this game.

Zombies, Run! you can play both outdoors and indoors if you have treadmill. This game is very popular for those of you who want to stay athletic. Zombies, Run! can be downloaded for free and you only need to pay for some additional content.


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Gamers First Person Shooter (FPS) definitely won't miss the game This game offers a realistic experience in playing FPS games. By using laser tag, has been doing development in Indiegogo. seems to be revolutionized FPS gaming. can be played with friends, split into two teams, fight enemies and protect hostages.

Well, that's 10 games based on augmented reality that you must play on Android. Technology augmented reality seems to be changing the gaming experience mobile. Have you ever played any of the games above. Do not forget share your excitement in the comments column yes!