how to play mobile legends game offline without internet

Do you like playing Mobile Legends but your quota is running low? This time, ApkVenue will provide a way to play Mobile Legends offline. Come on, let's see!

Mobile Legends is online game for Android where if you want to play it must have an internet connection. However, there is a trick to play Mobile Legends offline without internet.

Well, this time Jaka will give you a way play Mobile Legends offline. This way only applies against computer players only. Come on, let's see how!

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How to Play Mobile Legends Offline

Quota starting to die but itching to play Mobile Legends?> Just play it offline! Well, to be able to play Mobile Legends offline against the computer, you have to do the following steps:

1. Login to Mobile Legends

To do so, make sure your data is on first. If your data has been turned on, you can directly login to Mobile Legends that is on your smartphone. Also make sure you have a quota so you can enter the Mobile Legends.

2. Choose Custom Mode

If you are already logged in, you can shift selection Ranked and change it to options Custom Mode.

3. Filling Empty Slots With Player Computer

If it is already choose Custom Mode, you will enter a Room where only you are in that Room. You can open an empty slot on your team or the enemy team with a computer player. If it is already, click start.

4. Turning off data if you have entered the match

If you click start, you will choose a hero like Mobile Legends game in general. If you have chosen favorite hero You, it's just a matter of time before you get into the game.

Furthermore, in order to be able to play Mobile Legends offline, once you enter the match, you can turn off your data so that we can play offline oppose player computer.

Well, that's him how to play Mobile Legends offline. This method is also very good for those of you who are new to playing Mobile Legends or Heroes Evolved so you don't run out of quota during practice. Hope it is useful!