shhh! 10 secret android tricks you didn't know

Some tricks that are rarely known to people actually have benefits that are no less important than other common features. ApkVenue will share ten secret Android tricks that you rarely know, but are very useful!

The more sophisticated smartphone, the more things this thing can do. Especially for you users Android, various built-in features to those offered from thousands of applications definitely bring a lot of uses for smartphones.

However, have you explored various secret tricks that Android smartphones can do? Some tricks that are rarely known to people actually have benefits that are no less important than other common features. For that, Jaka will share ten secret Android tricks something you don't know much about, but very useful!

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These 10 Secret Android Tricks You Didn't Know

1. Change Home Button Use

We know that all this time, the home button in the middle position at the bottom of the smartphone has a function to return us to the homescreen if pressed once. When pressed for a long time, this button will automatically take us to Google Assistant.

However, these uses can in fact be changed. By installing the app HomeBot which can be obtained for free on the Play Store, you can change the function of your smartphone's Home button with six available options such as launching various applications or opening websites.

Install: HomeBot

2. Watch YouTube Videos in Background or Minimize

Until now the most popular video application YouTube has not allowed its users to watch videos in the background or in other wordsminimize video while doing other activities or multitasking.

You can actually do it with the app Autobeat Player. This application allows YouTube videos to still play even though they are being streamed.minimize. In addition, there is also a feature to modify the size of the video and place it on any part of the screen so that you can do multitasking.

Install: Autobeat Player

3. Control Android with Other Smartphones Without Internet

You can actually control your Android smartphone using another smartphone or even a regular cellphone. Amazingly, you can do it without the need to be connected to the internet.

Using an app called Memote, it is possible for you to control your smartphone using another cellphone whose number has been verified in the application. The way to control it is quite simple, namely using SMS, where the various contents of the message are pre-arranged in the application.

Install: Memote

4. Receive Notifications via PC

The majority of time is spent in front of the computer so that you rarely check your smartphone? Relax, you can move all incoming notifications to your PC. So you don't have to be afraid anymore to miss important information sent by your relatives.

The trick is to use the app Pushbullet. This application allows you to transfer all notifications that come into your smartphone to the PC you are using. But make no mistake, you have to install this application on a PC, not on a smartphone.

Apps Productivity Pushbullet DOWNLOAD

5. Change Animation Speed ​​Level

To do this trick, you have to be a developer for your Android smartphone. How to enter the menu Settings >About Phone > **Build Number **> press repeatedly seven times and you will get Developer options enabled status.

After that, you can immediately make settings to adjust the level of animation speed you want in the "Transition animation scaleYou can choose whether you want to make it softer or sharper according to your taste.

6. Use Smart Lock

Still locking your smartphone with a regular PIN or password? You need to try using smart lock. You can choose an easier smartphone lock mode without having to type or enter a password code.

How to enter the menu Settings >Security >Smart Lock. You can then choose five smart lock variants such as facial or voice recognition, all of which are equally easy and seem more sophisticated and futuristic.

7. Control PC with Android

Tired of lingering in front of the PC but still need to use it? You can use your Android smartphone as a remote to control your PC.

You do this by using an application called Unified Remote. The application has many functions, including as a mouse on a PC, typing messages on a PC, opening files, to turning the PC on and off.

Install: Unified Remote

8. Protect Your Eyes When Reading at Night

Reading via smartphone at night can sometimes have a bad impact. Moreover, if the light levels are too bright, the eyes will feel tired more quickly. You can protect your eyes from these threats in a fairly easy way.

By using the app Twilight, you can activate the dim light mode which makes your eyes more comfortable when reading on Android at night. Not only that, you can set the time for the mode to activate automatically and you can also adjust the level of light dimness as comfortable as your eyes need.

Install: Twilight

9. Multitasking Specialist Browser

Are you a mobile person and like to multitask? Then you need a browser that can accommodate your needs. A browser that allows us to keep multitasking and stay focused on important web pages that we want to visit.

You need a browser named Flynx. This browser greatly facilitates multitasking activities. In addition, this browser can trim content that is not important and not related to what you are looking for so it will not waste time.

Install: Flynx

10. Access PC Hard Drive via Android

Need important files that only exist on your PC? Even though at that time you were outside and no one else was in your house. Don't worry, because you can still access the data on your PC's hard drive with an Android smartphone.

How to use the application WiFi PC File Explorer. This application will connect your PC with your Android so that whenever you need data on your PC, you can retrieve it via your Android smartphone.

Install: WiFi PC File Explorer

Those are ten secret Android tricks that ApkVenue can share for you Android smartphone users. You don't want to be an Android user who is considered a slut? So, you must try the secret tricks above!

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