12 sites to learn coding for free

In this digital era, you actually don't have to bother looking for information. Because, with just a smartphone, you can easily have any information just by typing keywords and

In digital era like now, you actually don't have to bother looking for information. Because with a smartphone only, you can easily have any information just by typing keywords and asking questions Grandpa Google.

In addition, the beauty of enjoying today's technological developments is that you can learn anything easily and of course for free, just by opening a site. Therefore, through this article, Jaka provides 12 sites to learn coding for free, for those of you who like the IT world.

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12 Sites to Learn Coding for Free

1. Codecademy

Site Codecademy is one site that allows you to learn coding for free. If you want to know, there are already more than 24 million people studying coding use this site. Here, you will be taught about HTML & CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Python and Ruby. Interesting right?

2. Coursera

Sites for learning coding for free next is Coursera. This site has been around since 2012. Coursera itself has become a technology education company that offers more than 1000 programs and 119 institutions. Interestingly, besides you can study for free on this site, you can also make payments to get a certificate. Interested?

3. edX

edX is one of the platforms online-learning which is quite famous in the field of technology education. This site is open source. The site was founded in the same year as Coursera and was built by Harvard University and MIT. So, who's ready to learn? coding free through this site?

4. Udemy

Site Udemy is a learning site coding free program that has existed since 2010. By opening this site, you can learn programming for free with the method presented through video shows. One of the lessons available for free here is Programming for Entrepreneurs, HTML & CSS, as well as Introduction to Python Programming.

5. aGupieWare

Site aGupieWare is an application developer which has been surveyed by computer science programs from several leading institutions in the United States. Ultimately, this site has the same curriculum based on free programs that are also available at Stanford, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Berkeley and Columbia.

6. GitHub

Site GitHub can allow you to look for reference books when one time you are in a state of urgency. In fact, you can search and find over 500 programming books for free covering more than 80 different programming languages. Don't worry, there are books on GitHub always updates how come.

7. MIT Open Courseware

Well, this site is quite interesting for you, guys! The reason is, if you are satisfied with the basic programming discussion, you can visit MIT Open Courseware to learn coding for free which is even more in-depth. As the name implies, this site utilizes courseware owned by MIT to be able to share programming knowledge. In fact, here you can learn Practical Programming lol. Cool, right?

8. Hack.pledge()

Site hack.pledge() is a community site developer. Here, you will see some developer which high-profile. You need to know, on this site there are developer famous name is Bram Cohen. He is the inventor software BitTorrent. So you can learn coding free while sharing experiences to several developer leading in the world.

9. Code Avengers

Code Avengers is a learning site coding very interactive free. Here, you can learn how coding real games, coding an application, and don't forget there will be lessons about JavaScript, and HTML & CSS. Each lesson, will take up to 12 hours to complete. Oh yes, this site is available in English, Russian, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, and Portuguese.

10. Khan Academy

Study site coding free this is quite old. Khan Academy has been around since 2006 where the first teacher was Salman Khan. Every step to learn coding here is presented in the form of video tutorials. It seems, there is no need to explain further, you can directly visit it and learn.

11. Free Food Camp

On site Free Food Camp, you will learn HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Databases, DevTools, Node.js, Angular.js, and Agile. Here, you can join a network of student communities to even professionals. The cool thing is, here you can create a free application while showing your skills coding which you have mastered.

12. HTML5 Rocks

Study site coding the last free is HTML5 Rocks. This site is a Google project that was launched in 2010. This site was founded to fight HTML5 Apple. You can get a variety of tutorials and so on. By actively visiting this site, you will be able to have a good foundation in programming.

That's, 12 free coding learning sites that Jaka can give, quoted from Entrepreneur.com. Have you visited any of these sites before? Don't be lazy to study, so that later you can make your country proud with the achievements you have achieved. Good luck!