this is a sophisticated android camera application that can change your smartphone camera!

Want your cheap Android smartphone camera to be sophisticated? JalanTikus will share a little information about this advanced Android camera application!

Camera has become a natural thing to add to a smartphone. Nowadays, there are many smartphones that are equipped with capable cameras, almost like a DSLR. But not infrequently, there are still smartphones that are equipped with mediocre cameras.

Smartphones equipped with sophisticated cameras are usually priced at high prices. Want your cheap Android smartphone camera to be sophisticated? JalanTikus will share a little information about this advanced Android camera application! Listen Yes!

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Goggles, Android's Advanced Camera App!

A sophisticated camera does not mean it has to have a high resolution. But what is meant by sophisticated is the camera feature will take you to "next level"; not just taking photos.

Well, by using Goggles, your mediocre Android camera will have advanced features that are not provided by smartphone vendors. Before knowing the sophistication it brings, please Download Goggles first.

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1. Scan Barcode

Barcode is a collection of code in the form of lines, each of which has a different thickness, depending on the information it carries. Barcodes are usually used to store product information.

With Goggles, you no longer need barcode scanner, because this sophisticated Android camera application can be used as a barcode reader. Just point your camera at the barcode you want to read, then Goggles will automatically display the product information.

2. Scan the QR Code

QR Code (Quick Response Code) is an evolutionary form of barcode. If a barcode only stores product information, a QR Code can be used to store a lot of information at once, such as web address, telephone contact, BBM PIN, LINE Messenger ID, and more.

By scanning the QR Code using Goggles, you will be given initial information about what is contained in the QR Code. So there is no need to install the QR Scanner application separately, right?

3. Translating Foreign Languages

When finding a foreign language in printed form (book or flyer), you can use Goggles to translate it. Just point the camera from Goggles at the book featuring the foreign language, then let Goggles do the scan. Next, select Text and select Translate.

Later you will be redirected to Google Translate if you choose the application, or you can directly carry out the translation process via browser if you don't have the Google Translate app.

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4. Convert Images Into Text Documents

Previously, ApkVenue shared how copy-paste the contents of a printed book into a text document on Android. By using OCR method (Optical Character Recognition), even Goggles can do it.

Similar to how to translate a foreign language using Goggles, you can convert an image into text with the same steps. The difference is, when after selecting Text, you choose Copy. Then Paste the results in the text manager application you normally use, such as WPS Office.

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5. Knowing the Information of the Images Photographed

If by chance you go to an area and find a building, but don't know its name, you can use Goggles to find out information about the building. Usually Goggles only recognize famous building. But it's not wrong if you want to try it anywhere.

Oh yes, this sophisticated Android camera application can also be used to recognize a product, lol! Suppose you take photo book, CD or DVD, or photos of food and beverage products, later Goggles will display additional information from similar products. Cool, right?

6. Solve Sudoku Puzzles

Sudoku This requires you to place the numbers from 1-9 into a certain column correctly. Well, by using Goggles, you can easily answer Sudoku puzzles. Just scan the question, then the answer will appear.

To try the fun of playing Sudoku with the help of Goggles, install Sudoku on your Android or Sudoku X on your PC.

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How? How cool is this Android advanced camera application? With its small file size, you can make your Android smartphone sophisticated without having to install many applications. In addition to saving storage space, you don't need to be discouraged because you have an Android device with a mediocre camera.