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watch 22 jump street (2014)

Curious to watch the comedy action film 22 Jump Street (2014)? You can watch it for free here, you know! (Full Movie)

There are so many films about undercover cops. Rarely is there a film with the same theme that provides a breath of fresh air by incorporating unique elements.

Now, 22 Jump Street will give you a funny and entertaining spectacle. In this sequel, Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill back into action disguised as a freshman.

Just like the first film, 21 Jump Street, this one film is also still being directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. If you like 21 Jump Street, you will automatically like this movie, gang.

Synopsis 22 Jump Street (2014)

Jenko and Schmidt who used to be disguised as a high school student now has to disguise himself as a new student on a campus.

They tried to investigate the circulation of new drugs in the campus environment.

Their problem is not only that because recently a student died due to a suspected drug overdose.

In the course of their investigation, they must try to blend in with the other kids on campus. The athletic-bodied Jenko easily joins the college Football club.

Schmidt is jealous of Jenko's closeness to her new friends. Scmidt is also suspicious of Jenko's new friend.

Jenko did not accept it when her friend was accused of being a dealer by Schmidt. Their very close relationship, like brother and sister, is in danger of breaking up.

How will their mission continue in eradicating drug trafficking on campus and at the same time arresting the dealer? Watch it for yourself, gang.

Interesting Facts 22 Jump Street (2014)

Like other films, 22 Jump Street also has interesting things that are important for you to know. Who knows, you will be more curious to watch this comedy film.

  • Wyatt Russell (Zook) reportedly refused to play in the sequel Hunger Games in order to be able to act in the movie 22 Jump Street.

  • In the scene Spring Break in Puerto Mexico, there is a restaurant with the name "Gringos Pendejos" which can be interpreted as "Americans / Stupid Whites".

  • In the lunch scene together, Mrs Dickson say "Straigh Outta Compton" which refers to the album of the rap group NWA who raises the name ice Cube, actor Captain Dickson.

  • Rapper song Wiz Khalifa entitled Work Hard Play Hard immediately heard immediately after the name of the drug (WHYPHY) is called.

  • in movies, Mercedes (Jillian Bell) always mentions old Schmidt (Jonah Hill) face. In fact, Jonah Hill is only 4 months older than Jillian.

Nonton Film 22 Jump Street (2014)

Information22 Jump Street
Reviews (Number of Reviewers)7.0 (323,508)
Duration1 hour 52 minutes
GenreAction, Comedy, Crime
Release Date13 June 2014
DirectorPhil Lord, Christopher Miller
PlayerChanning Tatum, Jonah Hill, Ice Cube

After reading the synopsis, interesting facts, and also watching the 22 Jump Street movie trailer, you must be really curious to watch this film.

Don't worry, Jaka has prepared a link for you watch 22 Jump Street (2014) below this.

>>Watch 22 Jump Street Movie (2014)<<

Thus the synopsis, interesting facts, along with the trailer for the 22 Jump Street (2014) film. What other films, anyway, are you curious to see?

Write your answer in the comments column, yes, gang!

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