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careful! This is how to tell the difference between a real power bank and a fake!

Are you looking to buy a power bank? Be careful before buying because KW powerbanks are circulating everywhere. This is how to distinguish the original and fake powerbank.

The news is still hot on the internet about the ban on carrying powerbanks on planes. This is all because of a video circulating everywhere burning power bank in the airplane cabin.

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How to Distinguish Original and Fake Powerbank

Well, for those of you who want to buy a power bank, it's a good idea to be careful before buying. Because, it turns out that there are many fake power bank that are on the market. In addition to harming you, buying fake and fake powerbanks also threatens your security, you know.

Then, how are you? how to distinguish real and fake power bank or stupid? Come on, let's talk about it.

1. Unreasonable Capacity

With the development of the times, of course, powerbank manufacturers will also create powerbanks with increasingly sophisticated technology, such as the capacity of the powerbank battery itself. However, until now no power bank has a capacity of more than 30,000 mAh.

Therefore, if you see a seller who sells powerbanks with a capacity of up to 200,000 mAh, better don't believe it if it's a genuine powerbank. If there is that much capacity, it's not a power bank, but a dry battery, guys.

2. The price is too cheap

Who wouldn't be tempted by cheap items? But for battery-smelling business, don't ever play around guys. Because, the battery is quite dangerous and can trigger fires to explosions.

If you find the price of a power bank that has large capacity but very cheap price, you should suspect first. If the seller is not an official shop, you better cancel your intention to buy it.

3. Power bank weight

In addition, you can also test the power bank by weighing it. If the powerbank you want to buy has a large capacity but very light weight, you need to suspect the powerbank.

Logically, the greater the capacity of the power bank, the more batteries required by the power bank. So, the more battery is used, it means the heavier the powerbank too the.

4. Material Powerbank

Of course, the original power bank will have good quality, like it is made of the best materials. If the power bank is made of plastic material, it should be made of plastic that is not easily broken, and if the power bank is made of aluminum, it should be resistant to corrosion and not easy to rust.

In addition, the brand logo will also be printed brightly and with good print quality. So that the logo is not easily faded and also not eroded.

5. Warranty and Review

Goods and purchased at official outlets must have an official warranty from the powerbank vendor. So, when you buy make sure to ask if the powerbank is have official warranty from the vendor or not.

However, if you buy the powerbank online, it's a good idea to check the review of the item first. If many people complain about the powerbank, it's better to just cancel the purchase.

Well, that's 5 ways to distinguish genuine and fake powerbanks or stupid. It's a good idea to always avoid buying fake or fake powerbanks, right? guys. Because, in addition to endangering your smartphone, fake powerbanks also have no guarantee of security. About the dangers of fake powerbanks themselves, JalanTikus will discuss on another occasion.