what is paytren? this is the full explanation!

PayTren as a multipurpose payment application, is indeed on the rise. In this article, we will discuss fully what PayTren is and its ins and outs.

Who hasn't heard of PayTren? one of the most popular multipurpose payment applications in 2018, is increasingly popular among the people of Indonesia. If you want to deepen your business experience by becoming a PayTren agent, it helps you understand in depth first what PayTren is.

As disclaimer Jack at all not endorsed to promote PayTren. This article is really dedicated to those of you who want to know the ins and outs of PayTren.

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What is PayTren?

PayTren was founded by Yusuf Mansur on July 10, 2013 under PT. Veritra Sentosa Internasional. PayTren is a multipurpose payment application for various needs such as paying routine bills (PLN, PDAM, Installments, etc.), purchasing credit and quota, and travel tickets (plane or train). Users of the PayTren application are referred to as Partner, but PayTren recognizes 2 types of partners, namely user partner and business partner.

User partners can use the Paytren application for free without the need to buy a license, by using the PayTren Emoney application, while business partners are user partners who have registered and have a PayTren license. A more complete explanation and discussion is below:

Differences PayTren with Other Multipurpose Payments

One of the mainstays of selling PayTren compared to other multipurpose payment applications such as Pay Free or even Bukalapak Agent is the absence of usury and the guarantee that every transaction that runs is sharia-compliant or halal.

PayTren's difference compared to its competitors

PayTrenPayTren competitors
There is a choice as a paid or free partnermost free multipurpose payment apps
Some payment rates are more expensive because there is a sodaqoh systemAdmin fees and fees tend to be smaller
usury freeMany discount and cashback promos from various merchants who work with the application
Business partners can get bonuses up to infinity, if they manage to invite new business partnersUsually there is no 'severance pay' system
There is an infaq and shodaqoh systemnon-Islamic aka conventional payments

Advantages and Disadvantages of PayTren

Well, now you have to know in detail what PayTren is in terms of its advantages and disadvantages. This is something you should pay attention to so that you understand how PayTren works.

Advantages and Disadvantages of PayTren

Can transfer balances to other PayTren membersThe application is still in beta or not yet final
Can pay aqiqah, payment of qurban and alms
every transaction is a charity (doing business as well as getting a reward)
PayTren accounts have no expiration date and ownership can be changedThere are many competitors among PayTren partners, so it is difficult to get bonuses
You can choose to be a paid or free memberFree members, do not have complete facilities as members who have purchased a license

Types of PayTren

Difference between PayTren Business and PayTren eMoney

PayTren BusinessmenPayTren eMoney
Full featuresLimited features
Can choose the package we want (adjusted to our financial capabilities)Free and easy registration
Can detect PayTren e Money users, so they can be invited to become business partnersNo bonus system
There is cashback in every transactionThere is not any cashback and promos complete with PayTren Businessmen
Act like a PayTren shareholdernot a direct part of PayTren

That's Jaka's discussion of what PayTren is from various sides. Hopefully these tips can help you to become a successful PayTren agent, succeed and become rich. Please share and comment on this article to continue to get information, tips & tricks and news about technology from

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