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15 unique websites when bored at the office, really fun!

This time, Jaka wants to give you a recommendation for the most unique and cool website that you can visit when you are feeling bored at the office. Guaranteed, really fun!

Of course you have felt bored when doing office work. You wish there was something you could do to refresh your mind.

One option is to play games. But Jaka thinks it's almost impossible to play games during office hours. Yes, but there is a risk of being fired by the boss.

Therefore, it's better if you stop by 15 most exciting websites to visit when you're bored!

15 Best Websites When Bored at the Office

The list of sites below are of various types, gang! Some are educational, some are just for fun.

What is clear, you can waste time by visiting these sites! But remember, make sure all your work has to be done!

1. Geoguessr.com

The first one is geguessr.com. In this website, we will be taken to a place in all corners of the world using Google Maps technology.

Our task is to guess the location and select it on the map. The closer our guess is to the real answer, the higher the score we will get!

2. Asoftmurmur.com

Next there is asoftmurmur.com. Through this website, we can listen to various types of sounds that can be useful for calming our minds.

There is the sound of rain, lightning, waves, wind, fire, chirping birds, insects, to the sound of crowds of people. You can mix different sounds to get the best formula that can calm you down

3. Agoodmovietowatch.com

This site is suitable for those of you who like to watch movies, gang! Agoodmovietowatch.com is a site that will provide movie recommendations for you to watch.

Not only films that show in theaters, you will also get recommendations for serials that air on Netflix as well as those sold through digital stores.

4. Hackertyper.net

Shhh, this one's a bit of a secret, so don't let other people know, okay? You can use this site to pretend your computer is being hacked by an unknown party.

Hackertyper.com is a site where you can type any character to display a line of code like a hacker!

5. Music-map.com

Are you tired of listening to the same music? Why not just listen to a new song that is similar to your favorite artist?

Music-map.com will show the names of artists who are related and have similarities with your favorite artists, gang! You just enter the name of the artist into the column provided.

Other Fun Websites . . .

6. Twofoods.com

If you are the type of person who really cares about the nutrition of the food you consume, then the site twofoods.com very suitable for you.

On this site, you can compare the two foods. You can see the comparison of calories, carbon, fat, to protein contained in a food.

7. Theuselessweb.com

True to its name, this site will do nothing. There is one thing, actually theuselessweb.com will take you to another equally useless site.

So, when you are feeling depressed because you feel useless, go to this site. You will find it more useful from this website.

8. Thisissand.com

If you aspire to be a sand painting artist, maybe you can practice using this site.

Thisissand.com is a website that allows you to sprinkle colorful sand. If you are good at it, you can make art out of this, gang!

9. Theoatmeal.com

Fan doodle definitely feel at home for a long time on this one site! Theoatmeal.com is a site that has so many doodle interesting and full of meaning and entertainment.

There are also comics that you can read for free. You will get inspiration or just laugh lightly when exploring this exciting website.

10. Supercook.com

Confused about what to cook with the available ingredients? You have to go to the site supercook.com this one, gang!

You just need to choose what ingredients are available in your refrigerator. Later, food recipes will appear that can be made based on these ingredients.

11. Little Alchemy

Little Alchemy is a website where you can play puzzle games by combining various elements that exist in this universe.

For example, you will get dust by combining air and soil. You must be able to unlock all the elements with a total number of up to 580 elements.

12. Pixelthoughts.com

Want to get motivated to face the problems at hand? Try opening the website pixelthoughts.co.

When you open this site, you will be asked to enter what problem is bothering you. After finishing writing it, will appear encouraging sentences!

13. Stars.chromeexperiments.com

If you are included astrophilia or like things that smell of the universe, you must stop by this one website, gang!

Stars.chromeexperiments.com is a site that will give you a free tour around our universe, milky way.

14. Unplugthetv.com

Many argue that the quality of television today is really bad. Not only in Indonesia, abroad also experience the same phenomenon.

Therefore, there is a site unplugthetv.com which will give you recommendations for shows that are better than the shows on television.

If you feel it doesn't fit, you can easily change the video. All videos displayed on this site are taken from Youtube.

15. JalanTikus.com

Hehehe, the last site that ApkVenue will recommend for you jalantikus.com dong, gang! The site where ApkVenue is located always provides information about technology directly up-to-date.

You can get benefits by reading the articles in it. Oh yes, JalanTikus also has channel Youtube, you already know right?

So it's a gang, 15 of the best fun websites when you're bored in the office or in the classroom. How about all the fun, right? Especially the last number, it's really fun!

The important thing is, don't let you neglect your obligations just because you have fun playing on Jaka's recommended websites!

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