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make a fool! which is the most dangerous, headphones vs earphones?

Listening to music is a fun activity that you often do every day. Which headphones vs earphones are the most dangerous? Here's the answer!

Listening to music is a fun activity and you must often do it every day. Start accompanying you when you are doing activities, exercising or when you are relaxing at home. To be clear, you must use headphones or earphones that you have.

Well, do you know if you use it too often? earphones and headphones can affect the health of your ears. Can make you deaf or deaf, which is more dangerous, headphones or earphones?

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Headphones vs Earphones, Which is the Most Dangerous?

Difference between Headphones and Earphones

The difference between headphones and earphones before Jaka has discussed in the article: Headphones Vs Headsets Vs Earphones, which is more comfortable? But in general, these two objects for listening to music can be distinguished based on their shape.

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Headphones has a large size and covers almost the entire ear and head when you use it. With a rather large shape, headphones are generally used by music lovers, gamers and professionals.

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Temporary earphones It is smaller in size and fits snugly in the ear canal. There are two types of earphones, namely: earbuds and in-ear which goes deeper into the ear canal. This is certainly very suitable for those of you who like practicality because of its small size.

Then which is the most dangerous, headphones vs earphones?

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If it is said which one is the most dangerous, of course these two music listening devices have same level of danger. Starting from permanent hearing damage, hearing loss to damage to the nerves of the brain.

How come? The conditions when you listen through headphones or earphones are certainly different from ordinary listening. When you use it, the sound will go straight to the eardrum and increase the pressure inside.

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Production earwax also increases as you use headphones or earphones. It doesn't stop there, with rising humidity levels, of course there is a risk of bringing ear infection which is very dangerous for you.

So which is the most dangerous? earphones considered the most dangerous because it has direct contact with the ear canal. This is also because the sound will be more impermeable and the pressure is directed to the ear canal.

What is the solution for those who like to listen to music?

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One way you can do is prefer to using headphones instead of earphones. Also choose the type headphones over-ear so as not to put too much pressure on the eardrum.

In addition, you can also limit the volume of the music you listen to no more than 80 dB (decibel). You can also limit listening to music not excessively by giving 1 hour limit just lol.

So that's an explanation of the dangers of headphones and earphones for ear health. Listening to music is fun but don't push it too much. Stay careful guys!

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