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7 best Angelina Jolie movies that you must watch, always look sexy?

Do you like the sexy Angelina Jolie? Try watching the Angelina Jolie films that Jaka recommends!

If asked who is one of the most beautiful and famous Hollywood actresses, one of the answers that movie fans will definitely agree on is Angelina Jolie.

The ex-wife of Brad Pitt has been in the entertainment world for a long time as a player in famous films.

Therefore, this time ApkVenue will give you a recommendation Best Angelina Jolie movies what you must watch!

Best Angelina Jolie Movies

Angelina Jolie is famous for having starred in many famous movies. One of the things that sticks with him the most is when he plays a game character Lara Croft in the movie Tomb Raider.

He has also been a voice actor Tigress in the animated movie Kung Fu Panda. Apart from those two films, there are still many Angelina Jolie films that you deserve to watch!

1. Girl, Interrupted

Photo source: Awards Circuit

Taking the background of the 1960s, Girl, Interrupted is a film based on a memoir Susanna Kaysen of the same title.

Jolie as character Lisa Rowe, a mental patient who has difficulty distinguishing between the aortic and venous pulses. Here, he collided with Wihona Ryder.

Many consider this film is one of the films that succeeded in catapulting Jolie's name as a top star in Hollywood. The proof is the Oscar he won.

Rating7.4 (148.460)
Duration2 hours 7 minutes
GenreBiography, Drama
Release DateMarch 24, 2000
DirectorJames Mangold
PlayerWinona Ryder, Angelina Jolie, Clea DuVall

2. The Tourist

Photo source: Fighting In The War Room

The Tourist is a detective film that combines Angelina Jolie and famous actors Johnny Depp.

This film tells the story of the pursuit of a mafia named Alexander Pearce who is a fugitive in 14 countries.

He is also being chased by a group of gangsters who are his enemies.

Jolie plays the character Elise who plays Pearce's lover. This makes him the target of the police as well.

Finally, he took advantage of a tourist from the United States named Frank Tupelo. Jolie's decision made Frank a police target as well.

Rating6.0 (207.720)
Duration1 hour 43 minutes
GenreAction, Adventure, Thriller
Release Date10 December 2010
DirectorFlorian Henckel von Donnersmarck
PlayerJohnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Paul Bettany

3. Changeling

Photo source: Empire

Next movie is changeling, where Jolie plays a woman named Christine Collins and is set in 1928.

Her son had just been kidnapped and had been rescued. However, Collins felt that the child that was returned to him was not his real child.

When he tried to uncover the deception, Collins was accused of having delusions and sent him to a psychiatrist.

Thanks to her role in this film, Jolie was nominated for an Oscar for the second time.

Rating7.7 (223.925)
Duration2 hours 21 minutes
GenreBiography, Drama
Release Date26 November 2008
DirectorClint Eastwood
PlayerAngelina Jolie, Colm Feore, Amy Ryan

Other Angelina Jolie Movies. . .

4. Salt

Photo source: Cosmopolitan

Jolie as character Evelyn Salt on movie action thriller title Salt. The story is, he is on the run because of an accusation directed against him.

As a CIA agent, Salt is accused of being a secret agent from Russia. He also has to find evidence that shows he is completely innocent while holding the status of a fugitive.

Initially, this film intended to make a male character as the main character and was played by Tom Cruise.

However, in the end the story was rewritten with a woman as the main character. Interesting fact, Jolie plays a lot of dangerous scenes without help stuntman!

Rating6.4 (278.288)
Duration1 hour 40 minutes
GenreAction, Mystery, Thriller
Release DateAugust 18, 2010
DirectorPhillip Noyce
PlayerAngelina Jolie, Liev Schreiber, Chiwetel Ejiofor

5. Maleficent

Photo source: PEOPLE.com

When Disney announced the movie live actionMaleficent, many were surprised by the decision.

How not, name villain Disney's most famous appears as the main title. Fortunately, the new concoction is actually liked by the fans.

Moreover, the character is played by Jolie who managed to play with nice. Maleficent is a film starring Jolie with the highest number of earnings.

Rating7.0 (307.917)
Duration1 hour 37 minutes
GenreAction, Adventure, Family
Release DateMay 28, 2014
DirectorRobert Stromberg
PlayerAngelina Jolie, Elle Fanning, Sharlto Copley

6. Wanted

Photo source: IMDb

Jolie has been confirmed to play the character Thena in the film The Eternals, which is based on the comics. However, it turned out to be not Jolie's first comic-inspired film.

Previously, Jolie has played in movies Wanted which is adapted from the comic work of Mark Millar entitled Kick-Ass.

Jolie plays a character named Fox mysterious, sexy, and deadly. He became a kind of teacher for Wesley Gibson who didn't realize they had the ability to kill.

Rating6.7 (341.646)
Duration1 hour 50 minutes
GenreAction, Crime, Fantasy
Release DateJune 25, 2008
DirectorTimur Bekmambetov
PlayerAngelina Jolie, James McAvoy, Morgan Freeman

7. Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Photo source: Grazia Daily

If you ask Angelina Jolie's fans, they will definitely answer the movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith when asked what is the best film he has ever starred in.

The story is, Jolie is married to Brad Pitt who turns out to be secretly a fellow secret agent from a different organization.

Their marriage was full of lies, until one day their secret was revealed because they got a mission with the same target.

In this film, Jolie must show the humorous, romantic, and even action at the same time. The duet also gave birth to the term Brangelina.

Once married and happy in the real world, this couple finally decided to divorce.

Rating6.5 (419.151)
Duration2 hours 0 minutes
GenreAction, Comedy, Crime
Release DateJune 10, 2005
DirectorDoug Liman
PlayerBrad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Adam Brody

Angelina Jolie will still have a lot of work in the future. At least, there are two big films that will soon appear in our favorite cinemas.

The film is the sequel to Maleficent and the latest Marvel film on phase 4, The Eternals. He will play the character then super powerful.

Which movie is your favourite? Write in the comments column, yes!

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