without installing, you can use these 5 video editing software right away

It turns out that there is video editing software without installing it! So you just operate directly through a web browser. What do you think?

The development of the world of technology as it is today makes it easier for people to find sources of knowledge cheap and even free. In cyberspace, one of the places used as a source of search insight or entertainment is YouTube.

YouTube provides access to various video tutorials made not in a short time. Especially if the process editing the video uses a PC with minimal specifications. To get around things like this now there is such a thing Cloud Editing Software which can be operated simply via Web Browser just. About anything software video editing without installing, just use it right away, right? Listen right away!

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Video Editing Software Without Install

1. FileLab Video Editor

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FileLab Video Editor is one of cloud software which easy to use for beginners. The simple interface makes it easy for new users to understand. With various transition effect it has, FileLab Video Editor makes your videos even cooler combined with clear audio.

2. Loopster

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Edit videos with Loopster maybe some people will find it difficult, but if you often do editing with this cloud software, it will take a long time will get used to it also and what makes this video editing software different from others is the results render video without watermark.

3. WeVideo

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For beginners or professionals both are equally suitable for use WeVideo This is because easy view and good video rendering. Also available for paid version for higher quality and it is also possible to add watermark special.


4. Shotclips

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Shootclip has a special video editing feature that is can be used for editing together, so you can do video editing with your friends even if they are not with you.

5. MixMov

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When doing video editing with MixMoov you will feel like using a professional video editing application like FinalCut or PremierePro because on timeline MixMoov has more than one video or audio track which will allow you to be more creative.

Of the 5 video editing software without installing the above, there are many advantages and disadvantages of each, but both use cloud software which of course also requires an internet connection when editing.

By using cloud editor that doesn't mean it won't make your PC heavy at all, because the longer you do editing, the PC will too feeling more and more sluggish. But what is an advantage is when rendering video will be faster instead of using a PC with minimal specifications. Editing too can be done anywhere even in internet cafes.