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watch the end of si doel's love story (2020) full movie

Are you curious, who is the woman Doel will finally choose? Come on, watch the movie End of Si Doel's Love Story (2020) here!

Have you ever been between two difficult choices? You like both things but can't choose which one you want.

That's more or less the story carried by the drama film The End of Si Doel's Love Story (2020) here, gang. This film will be the third feature film, as well as the closing of the story of Si Doel.

Before the film Si Doel graced the big screen, the series The Schoolboy Doel first aired on television from 1994 to 2006.

Curious to know the end of Si Doel's story? Come on, see the following article, gang!

Synopsis of The End of Si Doel's Love Story (2020)

The closing film for the Si Doel trilogy will continue the story from the first and second films. The first film tells Doel (Rano Karno) who went to the Netherlands to meet his ex-wife.

Doel was married to Sarah (Cornelia Agatha), but 14 years ago Sarah suddenly left him for no apparent reason.

Doel still harbors a longing for Sarah, but how can he be married to Zaenab (Maudy Koesnaedi). In the Netherlands, Doel meets Dul, the fruit of his love with Sarah that he only knew at that time.

In the second film, Zaenab is heartbroken when she finds out that Doel went to the Netherlands to meet Sarah. In fact, at that time Zaenab was pregnant with their two children.

Well, this third film will be the end of the love triangle story between Doel, Sarah, and Zaenab. Doel must choose even though the choice is not pleasant.

Doel must choose between Sarah and Dul, or Zaenab, his wife who is currently pregnant with Doel's child. Wow, Jaka is curious about the ending, gang.

Interesting Facts About The End of Si Doel's Love Story (2020)

If you haven't been interested in watching the movie End of Si Doel's Love Story, maybe some of these interesting facts will change your mind.

  • Unlike most other films, the film End of Si Doel's Love Story will air without premiere because I was afraid there would be a lot of spoilers.

  • Rano Karno, as the main actor, scriptwriter, and director of this film has prepared 3 endings for the film End of Si Doel's Love Story.

  • The ending of this film was so secret, even Cornelia Agatha who played Sarah and Maudy Koesnaedi played Zaenab did not know at all about the ending of this film when filming.

  • Even though he's 83 years old and not in great shape anymore, Aminah Cenderakasih who plays the figure of Mak Nyak is still passionate about acting and memorizes long dialogues.

Nonton Film End of Si Doel's Love Story (2020) Full Movie

TitleThe End of Si Doel's Love Story
Show23 January 2020
Duration2 hours 1 minute
ProductionFalcon Pictures, Karnos Film
DirectorRano Karno
CastMaudy Koesnaedi, Rano Karno, Cornelia Agatha

How about it, gang, you must be really curious about the love triangle story that Doel, Zaenab, and Sarah have experienced for the last 27 years?

If you want to watch the movie End of Si Doel's Love Story, it just so happens that this film has just been released in theaters. To check showtimes and theaters playing, click the link below, gang.

>>>Watch the End of Si Doel's Love Story (2020) Full Movie<<<

That's Jaka's article about the film End of Si Doel's Love Story. Jaka, really, can't wait to find out who will be Doel's choice.

See you again in other Jaka's interesting articles. Don't forget to leave a trail in the form of comments in the available column, gang!

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