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forgot the password? this is the safe way to unlock android

If you forget your HP password, don't format it right away! ApkVenue has cool tips for unlocking a forgotten Android smartphone without the need to delete data.

To protect the data in the smartphone from ignorant hands, you should lock it smartphone yours. It's getting more complicated password or the pattern lock you use, it will be even more secure smartphone-your.

However, there are times when you must forget your PIN or password or pattern lock smartphone you, right? If you have forgotten it, JalanTikus will give you a way to open a forgotten Android lock without deleting the data in it.

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How to Unlock a Forgotten Android Key Without Wiping Data

In the past, to open smartphone Forgotten Android password or pattern lock is to do Factory Reset via the Power and Volume button combination. The risk is that all your data is lost.

If your Android forgets the key, you can actually unlock the forgotten Android easily without losing data. The method:

  • open websiteAndroid Device Manager from browser on the computer or smartphone your friend. Then login with a Gmail account paired in smartphone.
  • Once inside, you will be faced with a menu Ring, Lock, and Erase. Select the Lock menu.
  • Once clicked Lock, then you will be faced with a menu display to make changes password. Please create a new password to apply on your smartphone.

Notes: Even if you want a PIN lock or pattern lock, the lock registered on your smartphone will be replaced by a new password lock.

  • After that, please open smartphone you. Then you will be asked to enter password that you just made.

Problem solved! How easy is it to open a forgotten Android smartphone without deleting this data?

So if at any time your Android forgets _password+ or key, please use this method. Don't just play the format right away.