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7 Thai horror films inspired by true stories

Do you know that Pee Mak is based on a true story? Find out other Thai horror films that claim to be based on true stories.

Thailand is a country with a fairly well-known film industry in Southeast Asia. Many quality Thai films are finally shown in Indonesia.

One of the genres of films that are in demand from the Thai film industry is horror films because mystical things in Thailand are still similar to those in Indonesia.

Some horror films made in Thailand are actually based on true stories which give them a very thick magical element

7 Thai Horror Movies From True Stories

This horror film, which is based on a true story, has gone through a dramatization process, but the core story of this film is still the same.

In the process of filming this film, even mystical things that were not pleasant happened, as if forbidding the crew to take pictures in that place.

What are some Thai horror films based on true stories? Here's more information.

1. Nang Nak (1999)

photo source: asianfilmarchive.org

This horror film is based on the famous female ghost legend in Thailand in the era of King Rama IV.

Nang Nak tells the story of a wife who was left by her husband to fight while pregnant and died in the process of giving birth to the child she was carrying.

When her husband came home from the war, the wife and child looked fine and Turns out they are both curious spirits.

The spirit of this wife did everything possible to stay alive with her husband, not even hesitating to kill anyone who tried to tell her husband that he was dead.

2. Last Summer (2013)

Photo source: 2014.tff.net

This horror film tells the story of the spirit of a high school girl who haunts her parents and friends who had a hand in his death.

Starting from a drinking party of a group of high school teenagers which ended in chaos with the death of the high school girl, the terror of this curious spirit began to occur.

Even though it sounds like a cliché movie where curious spirits take revenge, this one offer another nuance because it is inspired by a true story.

3. Sick Nurses (2007)

Photo source: cinema-crazed.com

Not only horror films, Sick Nurses is also classified as a slasher thriller because there are many bloody scenes throughout the film.

This film tells the story of a group of nurses and a doctor who run an illegal organ trading business. One of the sisters killed for threatening to expose the illicit business.

The sister's spirit then wandered kill all the other sisters who conspired in the process of his murder.

4. Art of the Devil (2004)

Photo source: themoviedb.org

The first film in the Art of the Devil trilogy tells the story of a woman who uses witchcraft to kill her ex-lover.

This act was done because his ex-lover dumped him after the woman became pregnant.

The magic he did was not only for his ex-lover, but for the whole family also because the woman wants the property owned by her former lover.

5. Pee Mak (2013)

photo source: imdb.com

This one horror comedy film too inspired by the ghost story of the legendary wife and woman in Thailand, Nan Son.

Different from the film Nang Nak, Pee Mak is tucked in by various funny scenes in it which makes it interesting to watch.

The film that was released in 2013 great success with his income which reached 16 times more than the cost of production.

6. Ladda Land (2011)

photo source: hollywoodreporter.com

This one movie had a great success in Thailand in the first week of its broadcast by dominating the order of the most watched films in Thailand.

Ladda Land tells the story of a family who moves into a new house and wants to start a new life to be closer to each other.

This new place turned out to be filled with people who always carried out brutal violence. His neighbors even tragically died of one family and haunted the new family.

This movie has an ending beyond the shadows as well as being the main attraction of a horror film based on this true story.

7. Coming Soon (2008)

Photo source: infospesial.net

Coming Soon tells about a movie player in a cinema who is terrorized by a ghost in the movies he watched.

She and her lover then find out the origin of this ghost figure and why this ghost is after them.

Slowly the mystery of this ghost begins to unfold and the reason why he is chasing the couple begins to make sense.

Those are 7 Thai horror films that are claimed to be based on true stories. Horror films with true stories can always attract attention because they contain magical elements of their own.

Not only the frills of true stories, there are also many films on this list that have succeeded in the market thanks to their neat and interesting story packaging.

Giman, are you guys interested in watching the movies on this list?

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