5 good English android apps that you can use without an internet connection

The language learning application that ApkVenue reviews below can be used offline, aka without the need for an internet connection. Moreover, this application is quite accurate. Well, instead of being curious, it's better to see right away!

Still intending to learn English, but no one wants to teach? Just learn on your own using your Android smartphone. You no longer need to be confused for learn english because now there are so many Android applications to learn foreign languages ​​without being complicated!

All you need to prepare is smartphone and internet connection just. Even then, you only need a temporary internet connection, which is only to download the application. Because the language learning application that ApkVenue reviewed below can be used offline alias without the need for an internet connection. Moreover, this application is quite accurate. Well, instead of being curious, it's better to see right away!

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5 Good English Android Applications That You Can Use Without an Internet Connection

1. Learn English Conversation

The first is Learn English Conversation, the reason why Jaka himself likes this application is because we don't need an internet connection or you can use it offline. For his ability, there is no doubt about it. Learn English Conversation will teach you English in a fairly accurate way.

How to use it too very easy, there you can search or enter any words and sentences that you usually use everyday, then automatically this application will work. You just need to memorize the words conveyed.

2. English listening daily

No need to ask friends or family anymore, you just need to rely on an application called English listening daily to learn or improve your English with quite accurate way. The English Listening Daily application not only teaches in text form, but you can also listen English conversation.

3. Busuu

Busuu According to Jaka, it is slightly better than the application that Jaka mentioned earlier. Besides can run offline and able to teach accurately, this application also has several other advantages that can make it easier for you to learn. As the guide given easy to understand, you can also learn by listening to the words of this application.

4. Fluent English

Fluent English is also a pretty English learning app accurate and offline. However, there is a difference compared to other applications, namely the advantage is that Fluent English is somewhat simpler and less confusing. The way this application works is very simple, namely: teach you english in the form of sound. You can listen and understand the meaning.

5. Listen and Speak

Well, for those of you who are still beginners or who want to improve English, you can use an application called Listen and Speak. The usefulness of this application of course will be teach English accurately! The advantage, this Listen and Speak will teach you how to speak English correctly, and how to compose a sentence with grammar Accurate, without the need for an internet connection!

That's 5 Android apps to learn to master English accurately and easily. Now there's no need to ask for lessons anymore, right? Simply relying on one of the applications above you will quickly become fluent in English in just a few months.