Here are 5 ways to prevent WhatsApp from being tapped. anti-hacking!

Are you afraid that your WhatsApp has been hijacked by someone else? Don't worry, here are easy tips on how to prevent WhatsApp from being tapped the most effective!

Have you ever been to WhatsApp? log out suddenly alone? Or have you ever been asked for an authentication code via SMS by WhatsApp?

If you've ever felt this way, it could be that your WhatsApp is being hacked by someone! The worst impact if our WhatsApp is bugged or hacked is stolen all our personal data.

For those of you who feel that their WhatsApp is being tapped, Jaka has a solution for this problem. Here's how to prevent WhatsApp from being bugged.

5 Ways To Not Be Bugged Whatsapp

Jaka will give some tips so that how to make your WA can't be hijacked. I think these methods are effective enough to protect your Whatsapp so that the data is not stolen by hackers.

Here are the steps to prevent WhatsApp from being tapped by others.

1. Enable Two-Step Verification

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Two-step verification feature is an optional feature to add security to your Whatsapp account.

When you enable the two-step verification feature, every attempt to verify your phone number on WhatsApp must be accompanied by a Six-digit PIN that you have made before.

So, if someone wants to tap your WhatsApp, they will have difficulty accessing your WhatsApp because it requires your personal PIN.

2. Show Security Notification

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Did you know that every time you chat with your friends, WhatsApp has a special code in the form of a barcode or 60 digit code?

Well, if you activate this feature, you will receive a notification that your security code may change because you or your friend have changed / added a new device to same WhatsApp number.

So you and your friends can aware Has anyone else activated your WhatsApp on another device.

3. Log out Whatsapp Web Features

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We often forget to go out or log out after wearing WhatsApp Web on our PC or laptop. Even though this is very dangerous and very vulnerable to being hacked by anyone.

There could be a prankster who opens your laptop and reads the entire contents of your conversation with your co-workers or partner. From now on, be more diligent log out Whats your web, ok? guys!


4. Don't Root Whatsapp Folder

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If you have a hobby of tinkering with Android, you must have tried root/jailbreak Android to make it more flexible to modify.

However, without you knowing it actually when you give root access to the WhatsApp folder, there is a possibility that malicious applications will steal data from your WhatsApp.

If you can, don't give root access on the whatsapp folder so it can't be tapped.

5. Avoid Installing Third Party Apps

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Surely you have been tempted to install third party apps whether to change the WhatsApp theme, change your WhatsApp to Whatsapp Blue or WhatsApp Premium and so forth.

If Jaka may remind, avoid downloading suspicious applications like that. Because there is no guarantee of such an application free from malware that can steal your data.

That's Jaka's discussion about how to prevent whatsapp from being tapped. Once again, ApkVenue reminds, maintaining the privacy and security of the data on your cellphone is mandatory, yes, guys!

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