collection of hero types and skills in vainglory

Of the total 18 heroes in Vainglory, JalanTikus will discuss them one by one based on the type of attack from the Hero, namely Melee and Ranged.

For those of you who have played the game DotA, certainly no stranger to the type of hero that is in Vainglory. Indeed, the type of hero in Vainglory is divided into 3 types, namely Strength, Agility, and Intellegent. Of the total 18 heroes in Vainglory, JalanTikus will discuss them one by one based on the type of attack from the Hero, namely Melee (Melee Attack) and Range (Range Attack).

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1. Ardan

Ardan is a hero who needs a little trick to play it. Ardan is a type of hero that has melee attacks and is more suitable as a type support and to break the opponent's strategy because of some skillsHis support for teammates. Here are some skills Ardan:

Vanguard: Gives speed to teammates, increases partner attacks and reduces opponent's speed. Skills it also gives barrier for 3 seconds depending on 50% HP of Ardan.

Blood for Blood: Ardan will attack and hit the opponent and give a high probability of critical attack.

Gauntlet: Ardan will throw gauntlet and create a kind of area where if the opposing player touches the boundary of the area it will be affected stun and get damage. This area will disappear when Ardan goes out of bounds.

2. Catherine

Catherine is a hero that is quite often used in Vainglory with skills which is arguably easy for beginners to play. Catherine is suitable for players who like type tanker but can have an effect stun and silence to the opponent. Catherine is suitable to be played in forest areas (Jungle) for the beginning of the game. The following skills Catherine:

Merciless Pursuit: Catherine will approach the target with a fast movement and will give damage and effects stun if the enemy is hit by this attack.

Stormguard: Catherine will create a shield that can burn nearby enemies as well as restore attacks if the attack is above 77. Each returned attack will reduce the duration shield 0.5 second.

Blast tremor: Catherine will give a fairly strong attack and effect silence on the enemy affected by this attack.

3. Fortress

Fortress is a hero in Vainglory with the ability to give effects bleeding which is quite frightening to his opponents. Fortress also has a fairly high speed so it is quite difficult when it comes to dealing with Fortress. The following skills from Fortress:

Truth of the Tooth: Fortress will target the enemy and deal a melee attack. Fortress and teammates will gain additional speed when approaching the target.

Law of the Claw: Fortress attacks using her claws and produces an effect bleeding which reduces the HP of the enemy continuously for a certain duration.

Attack of the Pack: Fortress will summon a pack of wolves and every wolf that appears will automatically attack the enemy, this can indicate the position of each enemy. Besides that every wolf will attack and give effect bleeding.

4. Glaive

Glaive has a fairly large attack ability and will certainly make it difficult for every opponent. Glaive is a hero type in Vainglory which is suitable for playing in the forest at the beginning of the game to collect gold and buy weapons. Here are some skills Glaive:

Afterburn: Glaive will go to the enemy's location and give a certain amount of damage. In addition, the next attack from Afterburn can push the enemy as far as 5.5 meters. This attack is suitable for repelling enemies who want to escape.

Twisted Stroke: By activating skills In this case, Glaive will gain additional stats to increase the chance of critical attacks and Glaive attacks become area attacks.

Bloodsong: Glaive will gain ability lifesteal and will attack with a rotating attack.

5. Joule

Joule is one of the characters in Vainglory who uses a robot-shaped vehicle that is controlled manually. Melee attack and skills from Joule is suitable for use in both Lane and Jungle areas depending on the ability of the player. Joule also has a high enough level of defense to block attacks from the front and from the side. The following skills from Joule:

Rocket Leap: Joule will jump to a certain area, for enemies hit in the Rocket Leap area will be affected stun and receive damage big. For enemies around the Rocket Leap area, they will be thrown and their movement speed is reduced by 33%.

Thunder Strike: Joule will fire an electric attack from in front of Joule.

Big Red Button: Joule will fire a laser with a very large attack at the specified target for 1.5 seconds and Joule cannot move while firing the laser.

6. Koshka

Koshka is a hero in Vainglory with an attack type single target or cooler called Assassin. Koshka is a hero who is suitable for playing in the forest, sneaking in the bushes and attacking enemies suddenly. Each Koshka attack on the enemy will increase his movement speed by 0.5 for 5 seconds. The following is skills from Koshka:

Pouncy Fun: Koshka will jump and attack the enemy, cooldown Pouncy Fun's attack will decrease by 2 seconds each time Koshka attacks an enemy or target with a normal attack.

Twirly Death: Koshka will do a spinning attack and give damage to every enemy around him. Cooldown Twirly Death will decrease by two seconds each time Koshka attacks an enemy or target with a normal attack.

Yummy Catnip Frenzy: Koshka will jump at the enemy and attack with a barrage of claws. This Koshka attack will cause effect stun to the enemy for 2.2 seconds. Yummy Catnip Frenzy's attack cooldown will decrease by 1 second every time Koshka attacks with a normal attack.

7. Krul

Krul is a hero in Vainglory who is in demand in Vainglory. Krul has the ability to increase his movement speed, attack speed, and also the ability to heal himself. Krul is really a pretty feared hero in Vainglory but can be a useless hero if the players don't understand how to use Krul. The following is skills Krul:

Dead Man's Rush: Krul will run towards the target and give damage. When skills is active, then Krul will get protection in the form of barrier for 2.5 seconds.

Spectral Smite: Krul attacks can reduce the movement speed and attack of the enemy and increase abilities lifesteal against the target. When skills This Spectral Smite is active, it will produce a number of damage and Krul can heal himself.

From Hell's Heart: Krul will throw his sword in a certain direction. The enemy hit by the sword will be hit stun, the movement speed slows down and gains a certain amount of damage. Duration stun depending on how far the sword is thrown.

8. Phinn

Phinn is a new tanker hero in Vainglory with a pretty terrible ability, which can't be affected by status stun. In addition, as a tanker, Phinn can increase the ability of items or armor as much as 15%. The following skills Phinn:

Quibble: Phinn will attack with her anchor to the target location. This attack in addition to giving damage, Quibble also reduces the speed of Phinn enemies who are hit by an attack for 0.8 seconds. If you upgrade skills this is up to 5 points, it will give effect stun.

Polite Company: Phinn will attack by stepping on the ground. This Polite Company attack will provide an area attack.

Forced Accord: Phinn will throw its anchor in the intended direction, the enemy hit by the anchor will receive a certain amount of damage and was pulled closer to Phinn. Similar skills on Butcher in DotA.

9. Rona

Rona is one of the heroes in Vainglory with an attack speed that exceeds other heroes. Rona's ax attack can be a deadly attack for the enemy. Rona herself is a hero who plays in the forest area for the early days of the game. The following skills Hue:

Into the Fray: Rona will enter the battle area and launch an attack. Attacks from enemies that Rona attacks will not be maximum for 3 seconds. Rona will also give an attack to the ground that can slow down enemies that pass by up to 35%.

Foesplitter: Rona will attack the target and give additional movement speed for 2 seconds.

Red Mist: Rona's rotating ax attack will deal continuous damage to enemies hit by this attack. When casting Red Mist, Rona's movement speed decreases but increases Rona's defense.

10. Taka

Taka is a hero who is quite difficult to deal with. Even if you are not too experienced with using Taka in Vainglory, even this hero will not be optimal. Taka's attacks are fast and deliver damage quite large and the speed of movement that is able to catch up to a fleeing opponent makes Taka quite popular in Vainglory. The following skills Taka:

Kaiten: Taka will attack from the air with his sword and cause damage to the opponent.

Rigid: Taka will throw smoke bombs around him and hide so that the enemy can't be found, besides skills This stiff will increase the movement speed of Taka.

X-Retsu: Taka will attack the enemy using his sword in an X shape. In addition to getting a number of damage, the enemy will also lose the ability to heal themselves up to 50 percent for 3 seconds.

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1. Adagio

Adagio is one of the heroes support in Vainglory. Adagio has the ability to heal both self and allies, granting more attack abilities to allies and effects stun to the opponent. Following skills Adagio:

Gift of Fire: Adagio will heal teammates while dealing fire attacks to nearby enemies and giving fire effects to enemies. If the Gift of Fire skill is used on Adagio, the surrounding enemies will slow down by 70% for 1.5 seconds.

Agent of Wrath: Adds status to teammates' attack power for 6 seconds.

Verse of Judgment: For 2 seconds, Adagio will issue a magic circle around it. If any opponent is trapped inside it will get burned and too stun. During use skills this, Adagio gains an additional +50 to armor and shield.

2. Celeste

Celeste is a Vainglory hero which is quite deadly because of its attacks that give damage large enough. Moreover, if the player who uses Celeste maximizes Crystal's attack, then Celeste is almost very difficult to approach. Following skills Celeste:

Heliogenesis: Celeste will make a small star and produce damage to enemies near the star.

Core Collapse: There's a bit of time off for skills this, but if the enemy is hit skills this will be affected stun as well as damage.

Solar Storm: Celeste issues an attack with considerable damage in a certain direction. Every time you add a Solar Storm level, the number of attacks that come out is also getting bigger and bigger.

3. Petals

Honestly, it's a bit difficult to use petals, apart from the fact that the attack power is quite small, besides that, his HP is also not too much so that it becomes the main target when attacked by the enemy. Petals can be played in both Lane and Jungle. Petal is suitable as a reconnaissance hero because skillsit has the ability to place seeds anywhere so that it can track the opponent's location. Following skills Petals:

Brambleboom Seeds: Petals can plant a seed which is useful to give some healing and protective abilities to teammates. Each seed can last up to 20 seconds.

Trampolines!: Useful for making seeds around you into minions that will help in the fight.

Spontaneous Combustion: Every minion in Petal's possession will attack the opponent and blow themselves up with an area attack.

4. Ringo

Ringo is the favorite long range hero in Vainglory. Besides being easy to use and Ringo's fast attacks make it easier for players to defeat their enemies. Ringo himself has the ability to increase attack speed, in addition to items Damage then it is almost very difficult to survive from Ringo's attack. Following skills Ringo:

Achilles Shot: Ringo's attack that will deliver damage and slow down the enemy's movement speed.

Twirling Silver: Increases Ringo's attack speed and movement speed.

Hellfire Brew: Ringo fires an attack like a fireball with a fairly large attack power and gives a burning effect for 7 seconds.

5. SAW

SAW is a hero in Vainglory which is quite terrible because his attack speed is very high but has a very low movement speed so it is almost difficult to escape from enemy attacks. Following skills PBUH:

Roadie Run: SAW will switch his attacks to melee attacks for a certain amount of time and can run quite fast.

Suppressing Fire: SAW attacks with thousands of bullets for 2.5 seconds in the intended direction, in addition to giving damage, the enemy hit will also be slow.

Mad Cannon: SAW attack will switch from bullet to missile with damage bigger too.

6. Skaarf

Skaarf is a support hero that is quite easy to use because it has skills which can protect teammates from enemy attacks and almost all attacks from Skaarf can have a burning effect that results in a drastic decrease in enemy HP. Following skills Scarf:

Spitfire: Skaarf attacks using a fireball shot and deals a number of damage to the enemy hit by the attack.

Goop: Creates a kind of puddle of oil that slows down the movement of enemies who step on it and if burned using Spitfire it will burn and cause a burning effect on the enemy.

Dragon Breath: Skaarf will collect air for 1.5 seconds and then release a burst of fire for 3 seconds. Enemies hit by Dragon Breath will be hit damage and also slow down.

7. Skye

Skye is similar to Joule, a hero who drives a vehicle in the form of a robot to attack. The difference is that Skye uses ranged attacks and is more suitable as a sniper. Following skills Skye:

Forward Barrage: Skye will fire a certain number of bullets in a certain direction and produce damage to the enemy who received this attack.

Suri Strike: Skye will lock on the target and approach the target while firing a number of missiles. Skills it can only activate when Skye has a target.

Death from Above: Rain missiles from the air in a certain area and produce stun on the enemy affected by this attack.

8. Vox

Vox, one of the heroes that is quite troublesome if the players can play it properly and use the right items too. Vox can give status silence on the enemy so that the enemy cannot use skills and items. Following skills Vox:

Sonic Zoom: Vox will run in the intended direction quickly and produce a number of damage. Skills This can also be used to escape when HP is critical.

pulse: Vox will issue a kind of resonance that is useful for channeling attacks to every enemy affected by the Pulse effect.

Wait for It: Vox emits a kind of wave ultra sonic which gives status silence on the enemy and also shockwave to give damage on the enemy.

Of each hero in Vainglory, which is your favorite hero?

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