5 important sites to relieve boredom and stress due to work

So that you don't feel bored when you have free time at the office or on campus, JalanTikus will provide a list of important sites to get rid of your boredom.

No matter how much you like and love something, you must have been hit by boredom. When that happens, playing games or watching movies can be an option to get rid of your boredom.

But when there are no new movies and playing the same games, you will definitely get bored too. So, so that you don't feel bored when you have free time at the office or on campus, JalanTikus will provide a list of important sites to get rid of your boredom.

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The Important Site for Boredom Repellent

Instead of being dumbfounded and bored waiting for hours to come home from work, it's better if you open the following sites. Guaranteed to lose your boredom!

1. Useless Sites

Not all unimportant sites are useless. One of the unimportant sites that can help you get rid of boredom is The Useless Web. On this site you will be taken to various other sites that provide funny and unimportant content to get rid of your boredom when the PLEASE button is clicked.

There are animated images of people being slapped by eels, content of people screaming "HEEEEEY", or even whole pages of mangoes. Guaranteed you won't be bored, at least you'll just stare at the contents.


2. Facebook Face

Have you ever wondered, how many people are using Facebook today? Without having to wait for an official report from Facebook, you can monitor the number of Facebook users on Facebook The Face of Facebook.

uniquely, background This website uses all Facebook profile photos that are arranged to be a mosaic. When you click on a photo, you will be taken to that Facebook profile. Instead of dumbfounded, just try to find your profile!

3. Painting Silk

If you claim to be creative, maybe an important site you should try is Weave Silk. On this site you will be challenged to make the most creative images possible by moving the mouse cursor. It was so exciting, Weave Silk even came in the form of an application for iOS.

4. Soft Whisper Site

He said the rain always brings nostalgia. Well, for those of you who want to remember a certain atmosphere when you are with him, try opening it A Soft Murmur. This website will present you various sounds from various atmospheres.

Not only rain, there are many other atmospheres that you can enjoy, such as coffee shops, breezes, and others. So your nostalgic atmosphere is more exciting and comfortable. A Soft Murmur also comes in the form of a smartphone application.

5. Piano Site

Instead of being dumbfounded, try opening Touch Pianist. This website will spoil your ears with the music from chord piano that you can play yourself by clicking on the existing display.

Those are 5 important sites that you must know to get rid of boredom. With these 5 sites, it's guaranteed that you won't be stunned when you're bored at work or on campus!

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