10 tips for selling used cellphones at high prices

Selling a smartphone is indeed easy and difficult, here JalanTikus gives tips on selling used cellphones at high prices.

There are several types of cell phone users, some are loyal to using cellphones according to their needs or fill their pockets. There are also those who are 'cheaters', who are easily lulled by promos or the sophistication of features carried by new smartphones.

You must be the second right? Of course you feel yourself selling the smartphone, indeed easy little bit difficult and it's definitely a loss. The amount of loss is also quite large you know come to think of it, not to mention having to add some money to buy a new type of smartphone.

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10 Tips for Selling Used Cellphones at High Prices

Many still don't understand how to arrange how to sell used cellphones at high prices. Here are tips that you should do to minimize losses when selling HP.

1. Clean the Whole Body and Screen

For those of you who like to switch smartphones in just a matter of months, of course, you have to take good care of them. Where to directly use case and anti-scratch on the screen at the time of purchase. When you want to sell, open case and anti-scratch and clean the whole body. The result is a smartphone that looks shiny and has minimal scratches.

Obviously the display will determine the selling value of the smartphone, because the first thing potential buyers see is the condition smartphone smooth itself. If it looks like new, of course the selling price will be high and if it is ugly there are scratches and even abrasions then the selling price will also be destroyed.

2. Check Default Features

Smartphones that are sold without boxes and built-in accessories, the selling price will certainly drop drastically compared to the complete ones. So make sure you check back accessories, charger and friends. So you can sell HP in complete condition, like when you bought it. If it is complete, of course the selling price will not make you disappointed. If it is incomplete, work around it by buying the missing or damaged equipment with a new one.

3. Arrange Neatly

Next, store and pack all smartphone equipment neatly, if you can arrange it to look like new. Again, this is our strategy so that smartphones can be sold at a reasonable price. One's paradigm in determining the price of an item is initial view. If you are not interested when you first see it, then the price will be far from initial expectations.

4. Sell to Close People

If the condition of the smartphone is still very good and like new, you should first offer to friends, neighbors, or relatives. Usually the selling price can be higher, what more if the lure can be repaid. Of course, you won't care about the price anymore, make sure the person is really close to you.

5. Selling Online or to a Counter Shop?

You know how sadistic the offer is to sell a smartphone over the counter. It's natural considering they will resell the smartphones that we sell and who knows when your smartphone will be sold again. The longer the time, of course, the price of smartphones will also go down. So we recommend selling directly to buyers directly, you can go through Kaskus or OLX. If your item is good, surely the price is also good.

6. Make Descriptions and Photos As Interesting As Possible

If you have decided to sell online on line, make it condition description your smartphone in detail. Don't overdo it, let alone lie, just write what it is. Also complete with interesting photos from the cellphone, the photos increase the interest of potential buyers.

If you don't need it, look for it moment the right time for big holidays such as Eid or Christmas and New Year. During the holiday season, the demand for smartphones, both new and used, certainly increases. The more bidders that enter, of course you can choose the bid with the highest price.

7. Give a reasonable price

As sellers, of course, we want to get a decent price for the smartphone we want to sell. Even so, you also have to know yourself in giving a price. Don't compare when we buy a new one or even higher to get a profit, something like this makes potential buyers even lazy to read let alone bargain. Check the market price and give a reasonable and attractive price so that it sells quickly.

8. Choose a Payment System

Generally there are 3 choices of payment systems that you can choose, namely: COD (cash on delivery), joint account or direct transfer. All three have advantages and disadvantages of each. In summary, COD is the process of meeting sellers and buyers to make sales/purchases directly by entering into an agreed place agreement. So make sure you include the COD location and the specified time.

The advantage of COD transactions, of course, money will be received more quickly after the goods are purchased directly. On the other hand, buyers can also see the shape and condition of the goods directly. The drawback is that prospective buyers' COD is limited to only one and the same area and we should have to be careful. Choose a safe COD location, such as in public places or cafes, try not to make transactions on the roadside, especially in dark places.

9. Give Guarantee

If you are sure that the item being sold is healthy and safe, don't be afraid to give it guarantee. For example 3x24 hours for machine guarantees or consultations. Of course, potential buyers will feel more secure and comfortable, so that the cellphone can be sold at a high price.

10. Don't Forget to Delete and Clean All Data

Before doing all the tips above, don't forget that your smartphone is already on factory reset. Make sure that there is no data left, also take the microSD card and SIM card. Because both of them have become the identity of the user, for the sake of privacy, don't give it as a bonus to our smartphone buyers.

Don't because your smartphone is expensive, then you give a bonus in the form of an SD card that you've used before even though it's empty. You better keep it, because we'll never know what he's going to do. It could be that he misbehaves and tries to restore the data that you previously deleted. Danger right?

Likewise the SIM card even though it was obtained because bundling, but you have already registered on your behalf. Therefore, for the sake of maintain privacy and security You are advised not to give an SD card or SIM card to potential smartphone buyers.

Those are 10 tips for selling used cellphones at high prices. If you have any additions, please pin your input in the comments column below. Also read articles about Google or writing from Smartphone other.