how to make a unique username just one click! no hoax!

If the social media username uses a personal name, it's normal. Try to replace it with a unique and unusual name. You can create a unique name via an Android phone. Here's how to create a unique name on android.

Username so it is one of the mandatory things in terms of using various digital technologies. Such as social media, game accounts, email accounts, and others. Usually the username used is a personal name.

If it's too common guys. Try changing your username with a unique, unusual name. It's very easy, just one click away. Here are the tips how to make a unique name on android.

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Here's How to Create a Unique Username on an Android Phone

If you still don't have an idea what unique name to use as your username. Calm down, because Jaka has a solution. You can use an application called Nickname Generator. Download the application via the link below:

Download APK Nickname Generator

With this application you can get hundreds of unique name choices. The app is small and very simple. Guaranteed no make your smartphone work hard guys. Here's how to use the Nickname Generator application:

Step 1

First you can set the level of complexity or uniqueness of the unique name that you will use. The trick is to just slide the indicator Nickname Complexity.

Step 2

After that, just tap Generate. A unique name will appear, just tap it repeatedly until you find a unique name that fits.

If you feel it fits, just tap Copy to copy the unique name. You can use this unique name for your social media username or game account to make it look cooler guys


You are a game player Mobile Legends? Like don't you pay attention, many top global accounts use unique names and characters for their usernames? Well, if you want to have a unique Mobile Legends name like them, you can. How to make Mobile Legends unique name You can read it via the link below:


That was guyshow to make a unique name on an android phone. How about it, it's very simple, right? guys. You can also use that unique name as nickname or your nickname and account password. Because the name is very rarely thought of. Good luck!

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