easy way to convert microsd into internal memory

Your internal memory is running low? It turns out that there is a way to convert MicroSD into internal memory, you know! The method is very easy too.

Every time you download an application, of course the installation will be saved to internal memory. With limited internal memory, your freedom to store things is also limited by the size of your memory capacity.

However, everything can be tricked by using a MicroSD if your smartphone has the slot. In fact now Google allows you to choose your MicroSD to be portable memory or become part of the internal memory.

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How to Turn MicroSD Into Internal Memory

If you have a smartphone with the Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system and above, you can use the features that can help you: convert MicroSD to internal memory. Later the MicroSD will be treated the same as internal memory.

That means you can install applications and save application data in that memory, even applications that have widget and process background. Then, if you set your MicroSD to be internal memory, the MicroSD will not be readable by other devices.

This time, JalanTikus will share how to convert MicroSD to internal memory. Just take a look, guys!

How to Turn MicroSD Into Internal Memory for Android Phones

If you plan to convert MicroSD to internal memory, the first thing you need to pay attention to is MicroSD quality itself. Make sure the memory you are using is an SD card with adequate speed, such as MicroSD class 10.

This is all because if you use a cheap but low-speed MicroSD, this will hinder your cellphone's process of reading memory. This thing even slow down smartphone you know!

Well, now we go to the stages of changing the MicroSD into internal memory yes. First of all, insert the MicroSD you want to convert, then select Setup and select Use as internal storage.

It should be noted, after you choose to change the MicroSD to internal memory, your cellphone will automatically reformat your MicroSD. So if there are important files, move them first.

Then you can choose to move photos, files, and some applications to be moved to the latest memory. But, if you want to do it later, you can access it via Settings > Storage & USB, choose driveher, tap menu button, and select Migrate data.


How to Cancel it

If you want to change your mind and want to change the MicroSD that has become internal memory to be returned to portable memory, you can do it easily, you know. You just need to log in to Settings > Storage & USB.

Then press MicroSD which you want to convert into portable memory, tap menu button and select Format as portable. This process will delete the contents on the MicroSD. So easy right?

That's how to convert MicroSD to internal memory. Actually this feature is really good for those of you who like to install a lot of applications but with limited memory. However, this will be a problem if the MicroSD you are using is not very fast. So, pay attention first before using this feature.