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how to eradicate the most vicious trojan virus on android

What is a trojan virus? The following is a terrible threat from trojan viruses, how to prevent and how to eradicate malignant trojan viruses on Android.

Malware or commonly known as malicious software (malware) continues to grow rapidly and increasingly vicious. Not only on computers, today the threat of trojan viruses on Android is very real and should not be underestimated. Therefore, Jaka wants to discuss how to get rid of trojan virus most vicious on Android.

Trojan virus itself is getting more sophisticated, where it can secretly download itself to the victim's Android smartphone.

The consequences range from data theft, such as collecting call history, text messages, to stealing information from bank cards, and spying on you. Terrible isn't it?

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How to Prevent and Eradicate Malignant Trojan Viruses on Android

What are Trojan Viruses?

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Trojan intruder virus is part of malicious software that consists of functions that are not known for its purpose, but in general have: destructive nature. Although it does not have a direct effect, the potential danger can be much greater.

Trojan Virus Spread

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Trojans can get into Android through several ways and from various sources that are less reliable on the internet.

In general, Trojans come from applications that are installed download from the internet, especially freeware or shareware suspicious and not from the original site.

The Terrible Danger of Trojan Virus

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If a smartphone is infected by a trojan virus and has been controlled by the attacker, then several possibilities can occur. For example, a trojan virus by the name of NetBus can do many things to a controlled smartphone, such as:

  • Delete files
  • Send and retrieve files
  • Running the app
  • Peek or close running applications
  • See what's being typed
  • Until turning off the smartphone

The example above is only part of what a trojan virus can do. Other trojan viruses may have different functions and may even be more dangerous and more difficult to detect.

Become a spy

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Not only destructive, Trojan viruses can also be used as tools for espionage. The intercepted data is in the form of personal data and sensitive information. As:

  • Credit card information
  • Work Projects (work documents)

How to Avoid Trojan Virus on Android

Several ways can be done to avoid being infected with the Trojan virus. One of the common ways a Trojan virus can infect a system is by passing downloaded files.

Here are the complete and simplest steps on how to prevent Trojan viruses:

  • Do not activate "Unknown source" or unknown source in your Android settings. Better to download the app directly from Google Play Store.
  • Read app user reviews. The Play Store should be the safest place to download apps, but it can still be missed. For that, it's better to read reviews from other users about the application you are going to download.
  • If you have to download an app from a third-party app store, choose a site that you can really trust to download. Never download indiscriminately from someone or a site you can't trust.
  • manage permissions, especially applications that you download from outside. It's a good idea to manually set the permissions requested by the application.

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How to Get Rid of Trojan Virus on Android

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For the computer, removing the Trojan virus takes quite a long time, and an understanding of what to do. Luckily, on Android it's easier.

The first and simplest step to remove the Trojan virus is as follows:

  • Cleaning by means of factory reset
  • Using the best antivirus on Android

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The danger of trojan viruses is very real, both for computer users and Android smartphone users. It is important to understand what a trojan virus is, how it works, how to prevent it, and also how to get rid of the most virulent trojan virus on Android.

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