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how to activate a dead telkomsel card

How to activate a dead Telkomsel card is really easy! Here's a guide on how to reactivate the easiest Telkomsel card!

Basically, all cellular service cards have an active number for a limited period of time. If the card is rarely used or is not refilled within a certain time, then there is a possibility that the card will disabled.

This also happens to Telkomsel cards. Of course, the death/burning of your phone number greatly disrupts your communication, whether with your family, crush, or your own co-workers.

Well, if it happens, don't worry, Jaka will explain how to activate Telkomsel card. Is it possible? You can, please! Here's the full explanation!

Characteristics of Dead/Scorched Telkomsel Cards

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Why the Telkomsel Simpati card can be forfeited and can't be used anymore? As Jaka explained above, cellular service cards have a limited active period.

Of course, the active period can be extended if you buy and top up a certain amount of credit, usually starting from 7 days, 14 days, 1 month, 3 months, even up to 1 year, depending on the nominal amount of credit.

Well, if you don't top it up with credit, usually the card or SIM card will enter a grace period. If until the grace period you have not filled it with credit, then the cellular provider, in this case Telkomsel, has no other option but deactivate it.

What are the characteristics of a Telkomsel card that is no longer active? Here are the most visible signs.

  • Can't do or receive phone call.
  • Can't send and receive SMS.
  • The signal is lost, usually it will appear cross picture on the operator signal icon.
  • SIM card can not be read by a smartphone device, usually no operator signal icon will appear.

A dead number card will certainly make it difficult for you, especially if your contact number is still saved on the SIMcard the.

So, how do you activate a dead Simpati Tsel card? Jaka will briefly explain how below. Please read carefully so you don't get me wrong!

How to Activate the Latest Telkomsel Card 2021

Can Telkomsel AS Simpati starter packs that are dead, inactive, forfeited, or blocked still be reactivated? Jaka will answer YES, CAN. It's just that, how to activate it is different depending on the cause of your card being burned or dead.

Of course, the method of activating a Telkomsel card that dies because it has not been filled with credit for a long time will be different from how to activate a dead Telkomsel card that is blocked.

Then, how to activate a dead Telkomsel card? The following is a guide for activating the Simpati Telkomsel SIMcard card that you can follow.

1. Grace Period Less Than 15 Days

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Based on research results what Jaka did, as long as your card is still entering a grace period of less than 15 days, then your Telkomsel card can still be activated again.

If it's been more than 15 days but it's still not even a month after the grace period, then the chance that the number can be activated is smaller.

But it's still possible, provided you mention the urgent reason why, gang.

If it's been more than a month aka past the grace period, then your Telkomsel card can't be activated again because it's been deleted by system, for whatever reason. Like it or not, you have to buy a new starter card.

2. Contact Telkomsel's Call Center

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As Jaka said above, if it turns out that the grace period of your Telkomsel card is still less than 15 days, then you can do how to activate a dead Telkomsel card without going to GraPARI.

The trick, you first contact the Telkomsel Call Center at number 0807 1 811 811 or you can also 188. This call will cost you Rp300, so make sure you check your Telkomsel credit, OK!

Later, you can tell your problem in detail to the customer service (CS) that serves.

Usually, Telkomsel CS will still ask you to come to GraPARI to take care of it directly. However, by calling CS Telkomsel, you can inform the provider in advance that your inactive number is still in use and will be activated as soon as possible.

3. Go to GraPARI Telkomsel

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Just like you want to upgrade or change your Telkomsel card from 3G to 4G, you have to go to GraPARI Telkomsel to take care of your inactive number card. So, there's no other way to activate the Simpati Tsel card other than coming to GraPARI, gang!

What do you need to bring? Just bring your KTP and Family Card, considering that usually the provider will match your data or register it in accordance with government regulations.

You can get this service for free, unless you are forced to take care of a new starter pack because your old number has entered the grace period by paying IDR 25,000.00.

Is there any other way?

Jaka also had time to find a way to activate a dead Telkomsel card with a modem. However, after Jaka did his research, it turned out that this way didn't work, gang.

In conclusion, the only way to save your card is to contact the Telkomsel provider directly. Can't do it any other way.

Therefore, Jaka reminds you to continue to extend the active period of your Telkomsel card. You don't want to be in a lot of trouble because your number is inactive and can't be used to communicate?

Terms and Conditions for Using Telkomsel Products

Every telecommunications provider has its own terms and conditions for its customers, including Telkomsel.

Telkomsel has updated the general terms and conditions for users of its services which have been in effect since October 1, 2020 then which you can read by clicking this link.

The terms and conditions are as presented below, which are summarized from the official Telkomsel website.

Telkomsel Product Terms of Use

Based on the information presented on Telkomsel's official website, there are several points of user requirements that must be complied with when using Telkomsel products.

  • Customers are individuals who are of legal age and can enter into binding agreements.
  • Customer must agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
  • The customer is fully responsible for all activities carried out through this service.
  • The customer agrees to log out at the end of each application service usage session and notify Telkomsel in case of abuse.
  • The customer understands and agrees to the use of the OTP security facility.
  • Customers are prohibited from creating or using tools to manipulate the service.
  • Telkomsel has the authority to take action on any alleged violations committed by customers.

Terms of Use of Telkomsel Services

In addition to user requirements, there are also terms of use that are still interrelated and must be obeyed by every customer.

Here you will also find answers about can the scorched number be reactivated?. Instead of being curious, it's better to immediately look at the important points that Jaka has summarized below, gang.

  • New users of Telkomsel products will get a Prime Card in the form of a SIM Card.
  • Telkomsel SIM card can only be activated in Indonesia area as long as the validity period is still active.
  • Prepaid Prime Card that has passed its validity period, then a SIM card cannot be activated and the entire credit balance will be lost. The Prime Card is also non-refundable to be replaced with a new one.
  • So that the activated Telkomsel card can still be used, there are two conditions that apply; (i) Prepaid users must reload/minimum use of credit before the active period ends; (ii) Postpaid users must make monthly bill payments before the due date.
  • Users who lose their Telkomsel card can immediately report and replace the SIM card.
  • There are administrative or other fees required in the process of replacing the SIM card.
  • Telkomsel is not responsible for the loss of credit on a damaged or lost Telkomsel card.

That's Jaka's explanation about how to activate the latest dead Telkomsel card in 2021.

Jaka reminds, the above guidelines may change in line with Telkomsel's policies.

So, to make sure, it's better if you just try several ways to activate the dead Telkomsel card in 2020 above. Good luck!

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