no course needed! This keyboard application can make you good at English

A keyboard application called Grammarly Keyboard has been officially released on the Google Play Store. This application can help you Android users to become good at English.

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Talking about keyboard applications, ApkVenue will no longer discuss about the best keyboard applications. This time, ApkVenue will review about one of the keyboard applications on Android which is definitely very useful for you. Why? Because keyboard app this one can make you good english.

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This Keyboard Application Can Make You Good at English

Yes. Application named Grammarly Keyboard very useful for those of you who want to improve their English skills. We certainly know how important English is, especially in the modern era with all the current technological advances. Then how can this application help us become good at English? Follow the steps below:

  • Install the Grammarly Keyboard app. You can find and install this application for free or free on the Google Play Store.
Apps Productivity Grammarly, Inc. DOWNLOAD
  • Once installed, open the Grammarly Keyboard app and sign in using one of the available account options (Google, Facebook or email).
  • After having an account, go to the menu Settings on your Android > Select menu Keyboard & input methods > Enable Grammarly; Also, replace your main keyboard with Grammarly.
  • The keyboard can be tried! No need to worry, every word or grammar wrong in English will be automatically corrected immediately. For example as in the image below.

That's Jaka's little review of the Grammarly Keyboard application. By using this application as the main keyboard, you will no longer experience misunderstandings and embarrassing incidents that might just happen because of typo or error grammar your English. Good luck!

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