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10 of the most unique items in online stores, number 5 singles is a must buy!

Love shopping online? Usually, we buy things we need or want. So, do you dare to buy unique items in this online shop?

You're the type of person who love online shopping, gang? Since the presence of online stores, shopping activities have indeed become easier with a wide variety of goods.

Almost all items are available in online stores, ranging from various types of clothing, electronics, toys, to daily necessities. All can get to our homes in a relatively short time.

Among those items, tucked unique things interesting to buy. Anything?

10 Most Unique Items in Online Stores

Jaka has done research in several online stores to look for unique items that Jaka will recommend for you.

Who knows, something might catch your eye so you'll buy it too. Oh yes, you must remain vigilant so as not to be deceived, yes!

1. Mystery Box

The first thing Jaka will recommend is Mystery Box. As the name implies, we will not know what the contents of this box are sold until it reaches our hands.

Prices vary, from IDR 10,000 to IDR 150,000. The mystery item that we will get will have a price in the range of that number.

Know the proverb buy a cat in a sack, right? That's more or less the concept, buying an item in a cardboard box without knowing what's in it.

2. Grass Sandals

For some people, such as futsal players or nature lovers, standing on the grass barefoot is fun.

If you are one of them, then you must try Grass Sandals this one. The price itself is in the range IDR 200,000.

Wherever your feet go, you will feel like you are stepping on this delicious ticklish grass.

3. LED Electric False Eyelashes

You want a unique look that will make other people turn their faces towards you? try LED Electric False Eyelashes this one.

There are several colors that you can choose according to your taste, such as pink, blue, red, green, to white. The price itself is in the range IDR 40,000.

These false eyelashes are claimed to be safe for the eyes and will not heat up even if used for a long period of time.

Other Unique Items . . .

4. Fake CCTV

The area where you live is prone to thieves? Want to install CCTV but don't have the funds? You better use Fake CCTV which is very cheap.

In fact, some are selling this item for two thousand rupiahlol! If you have bought this item, put it in a place that will convince thieves to undo their bad intentions.

5. Waifu Pillow

For the singles scattered out there, Jaka recommends this item for you. Instead of just rolling, you can use waifu pillow this is to hug.

There are many beautiful anime characters that you can choose to accompany your lonely nights. Maybe, you can also invite him to chat even though he can't answer,

Women, uh, these soft and comfortable pillows are priced in various price ranges. Interested, mblo?

6. Portamic

Love karaoke? If yes, you must have Potramic this one. How not, this mic has speakers, you know!

This mic is suitable for fun when there is a party or just hanging out with friends. The price itself is in the range IDR 275,000

7. Minion Wash Kits

When you brush your teeth, sometimes your heart feels sad when you see your toothpaste fall without having time to use it.

To avoid this, you need Minion Wash Kits this one, gang! This tool is a toothbrush dispenser that is very practical to use.

You just put toothpaste on the head, then put your toothbrush into the Minion's mouth. Your toothpaste will come out by itself.

8. Lazy Phone Holder

Are you lazy? Don't feel lazy if you haven't tried this one thing, gang! Lazy Phone Holder it is designed to help us to be lazy.

Apart from being a cellphone support, this tool can be worn around the neck. You can also hang it on the car seat.

How much it costs? You can have it at a price IDR 100,000. If you want to get the premium version, you just need to upgrade budget-you become IDR 200,000.

9. Foldable Chair

Do you often feel tired when traveling? Maybe all you need is to sit down, gang. What if there's no chair? You can use Foldable Chair this one.

With price range IDR 80,000This folding chair can be carried anywhere easily. It's small enough to fit in a trouser pocket.

There are various color options that you can choose according to your taste.

10. Umbrella Hat

Finally, Jaka would like to recommend items that seem very useful if we live in hot areas like Jakarta.

Umbrella Hat is the result of a cross between a hat and an umbrella. With this item, you are guaranteed not to overheat.

With prices in the range IDR 20,000, this hat umbrella has a length 31 cm and diameter 50 cm. Maybe you have to let go of your shyness to be confident using this item.

That's 10 unique items sold in online stores. Some of them seem useful, some of them look like a complete waste of money.

Do you have any other unique item recommendations? Write in the comments column, yes!

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