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list of hajj & umrah packages XL 2019 (internet and telephone)

Umrah and Hajj don't have to worry anymore. Now you can still communicate with people at home. Use hajj and umrah packages from XL (internet & telephone)

Are you planning to perform Hajj or Umrah and want to activate a telephone or internet package while worshiping in the Holy Land?

If you are an XL operator, you are very lucky, gang! Because when you are in Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj or Umrah, XL can be used there!

You can still use the XL card in Saudi Arabia without the need to buy a special XL starter pack while in the Holy Land. You only need to buy an XL call or internet package, gang!

For those of you who want to buy internet packages or telephone packages + special SMS for Hajj and Umrah, check the list below, gang!

List of XL Hajj & Umrah Packages (Internet and Calls)

Because XL knows that there are so many users, they will pamper their customers without exception, including those who are worshiping in the Holy Land.

XL itself provides telephone + SMS packages, internet packages, or combo packages (phone and internet) that you can choose according to your needs.

If you don't want to subscribe to a package and want to use the internet or SMS according to your usage, XL also provides it, really!

It should be noted that the XL internet packages and XL call packages that are valid in Indonesia do not apply to Saudi Arabia, gang!

You have to follow the XL Hajj and Umrah package tariff scheme as Jaka wrote below!

XL Hajj & Umrah Call Packages

For the list of Hajj and Umrah packages for phone + SMS, XL only provides 3 options.

Well, when you choose to activate this special package for calls and SMS, you will not get internet quota at all.

So, you can't surf, chat, or make video calls with your favorite people in Indonesia.

XL Hajj and Umrah PackagesPackage Details
10 Days Umrah and Hajj PackagesPrice: Rp149,000,-

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20 Days Umrah and Hajj PackagesPrice: IDR 179,000,-

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40 Days Umrah and Hajj PackagesPrice: IDR 199,000,-

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For those of you who don't want to subscribe to the Hajj and Umrah packages, phone + SMS from XL, you will be charged Non Package rates as Jaka wrote below:

XL Hajj and Umrah Packages (Non Packages)Package Details
Call to Indonesian NumberIDR 5,000/minute
Call to Saudi Arabia NumberIDR 5,000/minute
Receive CallIDR 2,500/minute
Send SMSIDR 1,200/SMS

XL Hajj & Umrah Internet Packages

For those of you who need internet access while in Saudi Arabia, you can enjoy a wide selection of internet packages offered by XL.

There are two types of Hajj and Umrah internet packages from XL, namely regular and combo internet packages (including bonus calls and SMS).

Hajj Package XLPackage Details
Daily Internet PackagePrice: Rp. 84.900,-

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10 Days Daily Internet PackagePrice: Rp199.000,-

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20 Days Internet PackagePrice: Rp249,000,-

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40 Days Internet PackagePrice: IDR 379,000,-

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10 Days Combo Internet PackagePrice: IDR 299,000,-

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Internet Combo Package 20 DaysPrice: Rp399,000,-

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40 Days Combo Internet PackagePrice: Rp549.000,-

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How to Register for XL Hajj & Umrah Packages (Internet and Calls)

To register for the XL Hajj and Umrah package, there are two ways you can do it. The first is using the MyXL application and the second is via USSD. Both are easy to do, gang!

The First Way: Through the My XL App

For those of you who don't have the MyXL application, Jaka has provided the download link below, gang! The MyXL application can also be used to check XL numbers when you forget them, you know!

Apps Productivity PT XL Axiata Tbk DOWNLOAD
  • Open your MyXL App. At the bottom, you will immediately see the choice of Umrah and Hajj Packages from XL, please click on the menu.

  • Enter your XL phone number so you can buy an internet package or a phone package + SMS specifically for Umrah and Hajj.

  • Scroll down down and select a call or internet package specifically for Umrah and Hajj according to your wishes and needs by clicking Buy. Make sure your pulse is enough, okay, gang.

  • After you buy the package you want, a notification will appear that your package has been purchased successfully. Enjoy the smooth communication with your family in Indonesia, gang!

Second Way: Via USSD

If you don't have the MyXL application on your Android phone or iPhone, you can still register for the XL Hajj and Umrah package via USSD.

  • Press the USSD code as below on dial up your HP.

  • Select menu Umrah and Hajj and click send.

  • Then select menu Activation of Umrah and Hajj Packages.

  • Choose the Umrah and Hajj package according to your needs and desires and click send.

  • You will receive a notification from XL that you have successfully purchased the XL Hajj/Umrah package, gang. Enjoy!

Terms and Conditions for Purchase of XL Hajj & Umrah Package List

  • Daily Internet & Blackberry services (non-packaged) can be used immediately without activating first.

  • Customer MUST activate the Hajj & Umrah package (internet or telephone) first before using it.

  • The price of this XL Umrah & Hajj Package includes 10% VAT, both internet packages and call + SMS packages.

  • Customers can purchase more than one XL Hajj and Umrah Package. Quotas will be accumulated from the longest calculated validity period.

  • Your credit balance will be deducted immediately after successful activation and the package's active period will be calculated after the customer arrives in Saudi Arabia (Lock-up).

  • Customers will return to the basic tariff when the bonus quota for calls, SMS, or package validity has expired.

  • If the fair usage limit quota has been exhausted, the customer can still use the internet until the quota's active period ends without any additional fees.

How about it, gang? It turns out that there are many and quite cheap, right, a list of call and internet packages specifically for Hajj and Umrah from XL?

Hope your Hajj or Umrah goes smoothly, gang! May it be a Mabrur Hajj!

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