make rich! These are the 7 most popular android apps to hunt for dollars

Based on Jaka's experience, here are 7 of the most popular Android apps for dollar hunting! Come on!

Believe me, in this advanced era, everyone can too looking for an income without having to work hard. All you need to prepare is an Android smartphone and of course only an internet connection. You can achieve everything without any effort, as long as you are diligent in doing it.

Of course, there are also many successful people out there able to make money up to tens of millions of rupiah just relying on Android applications. The way the money making app works is quite simple. The application will give you a task first and your job is only to complete the mission. If it is finished, then you will be given monetary reward. Well, based on Jaka's experience, here are the 7 most popular Android apps for hunting dollars! Come on!

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7 Most Popular Android Apps For Dollar Hunting

1. Whaff Rewards

For dollar hunters, of course, you will be familiar with a money-making application called whaff rewards this. This application has been very popular in the past and is still popular today proven to pay. The way you work here is just to download the applications and games provided. Each application has different dollar values.

All you need to do to earn a lot of money is of course with download as many applications and games as possible. If your balance has reached US$10, you can do payout via PayPal online bank. After it has been collected on PayPal, you can withdraw it using a local bank such as BCA, BRI, BNI, and others.

2. Tap Cash Rewards

The second one is also quite popular. Tap Cash Rewards will give you a fairly large reward. The way the Tap Cash Rewards application works is no different from the Whaff Rewards application, which is to download the application they provide. Every app you download have different dollar values, ranging from $0.1 to $0.5 or more, depending on the size of the application.

You just can do payout after reaching the minimum withdrawal they have set. If your income has reached payout point, then you can take it directly using several options.

3. Showbox

For the third one, according to Jaka, it is very suitable for searching extra income. The reason is that the dollar value given to Showbox app This is quite big, even most Showbox players can afford it earn up to US$50 in less than 2 weeks. How not tempted if the income can be this big? For how it works, it remains the same as some of the applications above.

4. App Karma Rewards & Gift Cards

Karma Rewards & Gift Cards App also very popular and certainly very suitable for looking for extra income. If you can be diligent in doing the task he is given, it's not impossible that you can rich without having to work. The way it works is quite easy, you only need to download the available games.

Each game will be given a different dollar value, the larger the size of the game, the greater the dollar value. You can also get bonus dollars by inviting people to join through referral link given.

5. Grab Points

Grab Points slightly different from other dollar-generating applications. It can be said that it is easier, which is to provide several ways to get rewards such as watch videos, complete surveys, try out applications, and so on. That's why Grab Points are popular and always the choice of dollar hunters.

6. CashPirates

The sixth is an application that is quite amazing according to Jaka, namely: CashPirates. Perhaps this is the reason why it is so popular. Since the rewards they provide are no joke, you can even earn up to US$0.5 for per install application in it.

And not only that, in addition to giving you dollars per install, the CashPirates application also gives you money rewards for every time you take a survey. In addition, the minimum withdrawal amount is also very small, which is only 2.5 dollars you know, so you don't have to wait long.

7. Gift Wallet

The last app is Gift Wallet. This application may be considered more popular because of the Rating on Play Store is also very high. Judging by its fairly high rating, it is certain because Gift Wallet is very profitable for its users. You will be given several tasks such as fill out survey or download the application in it.

You don't need to be confused about how it works, just do what you're told. The more diligent you are to complete it, the more dollars you will get. To collect prizes, you can go through PayPal as temporary storage.

Well, that's Jaka's review about The 7 most popular Android apps for dollar hunting. How? Amazing isn't it? In fact, you only need to have a smartphone and an internet connection to make money without being tired.

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