cheap processor price of Rp 700 thousand, but as fast as Rp 5.5 million!

For a good processor, it is generally very expensive. For example, the Intel Core i7 5820K, the market price is around IDR 5.5 million. Well, if you have a limited budget, maybe you can try this JalanTikus suggestion.

The processor in our computer system is a very important part. The reason is, we can also call the processor as a processor brain from computer we. By mentioning the word brain, of course you understand that the processor will later very decisive performance of a computer system.

For a good processor, it is generally very expensive. For example Intel Core i7 5820K, the market price range IDR 5.5 million rupiah. Well, if you want to have a good processor but with a limited budget, maybe you can try Jaka's suggestions below. What's the advice? Check it out right away in this article!

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Intel Xeon 5650 Can Replace Core i7 5820K, Really?

Are you planning to assemble a computer this new year? If so, what processor are you planning to use? It just so happens that the 7th Generation Intel Kabylake processor will also be released, want to use it Intel Kabylake?

It's good to use Intel Kabylake. But because this is the latest processor, you also have to be prepared for the cost. Too expensive? Hmm, how about trying Jaka's suggestion below. ApkVenue will tell you cheap processors, but performance is not inferior You're looking for an Intel Core i7 5820K.

Get to know Intel Xeon 5650

Well, curious what processor? Jaka recommends you look at the goods market second former alias for Intel Xeon 5650. What are the details like? Here are the specifications for the Intel Xeon 5650.

Photo source: Photo: 4YourBusiness
SeriesXeon 5650
Release DateQ1 2010
Number of Cores6
Number of Threads12
Clock Speed2.66GHz (3.06GHz Turbo)
Price rangeIDR 700 Thousand (Used)
Photo source: Photo: Ebay

But unfortunately, for the used price of IDR 700 thousand it is American market price. But you can still buy it, just use import-export services that are usually found on forums.

Getting to know Intel Core i7 5820K (Comparison)

To test whether the Intel Xeon 5650 is satisfactory, we will try to do a comparison with Intel Core i7 5820K.

Photo source: Photo: Tech Power Up
SeriesCore i7 5820K
Release DateQ3 2014
Number of Cores6
Number of Threads12
Clock Speed3.30GHz (3.60GHz Turbo)
Price rangeRp 5.5 Million (New)
Photo source: Photo: Entercomputer


Before doing the test, there is one thing we need to discuss first. Intel Xeon 5650 and Core i7 5820K use motherboard socket different. To Xeon 5650 using LGA1366, temporary Core i7 5820K using LGA2011-v3.

Well, let's try to do a price comparison first. For more details, you can go through the following chart.

Price Range FactorIntel Xeon 5650Intel Core i7 5820K
Processor Price RangeIDR 700 thousandIDR 5.5 Million
Motherboard Price RangeIDR 2 MillionIDR 4 Million
Total Price RangeIDR 2.7 MillionRp 9.5 Million


  • Keep in mind that the Intel Xeon 5650 here is used price.
  • Since it's about budget, what's being compared in this case is the cheapest price motherboard. Because we are trying assemble PC low price, but good performance.

Result: Is Intel Xeon 5650 Good Enough Performance?

Time to do some testing. In doing this test, so that the performance of the Intel Xeon 5650 is fast, it is necessary to do overclock. The Intel Xeon 5650 itself runs with a bus speed of 182 Mhz and a multiplier of 22x, resulting in a core speed of 4 GHz.

So, without further ado, here are the results.

TestIntel Xeon 5650 @4GhzIntel Core i7 5820K @Stock
Fallout 477 FPS85 FPS
Crysis 333 FPS32 FPS
Metro Redux62 FPS59 FPS

That's roughly the result. Can you see it? Even though it's cheaper, it turns out that the performance of the Intel Xeon 5650 not much different with Intel Core i7 5820K.

For overclocking problems, it's not as difficult as you think. Why? Because basically this Intel Xeon 5650 is a server processor. So far more resilient than the Intel Core i Series. You just need to keep the voltage below 1.4 volts and the temperature, reaching speeds of 4 Ghz won't be difficult.

Before ending, Jaka would also like to thank RandomGaminginHD for the information. If you are still not clear, you can also read videos made by RandomGaminginHD the following.

That's just how to get a cheap processor for IDR 700 thousand equal to processor for Rp. 5.5 million rupiah. What do you think? Is the performance of the Intel Xeon 5650 okay? Jaka also wants to join in trying to assemble a PC. Oh yes, don't forget to leave your opinion in the comments column yes!

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