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how to play mobile legends on pc & laptop (100% works)

Want to play ML like playing Dota 2? Just play on PC! Check out the tutorial on how to play Mobile Legends on PC & Laptop without being slow below.

Who here likes to play ML until they lose track of time? Just so you know, now it's already there how to play Mobile Legends on PC, you know!

Of course there are several advantages you can get by playing on a PC. For example, you will not run out of battery and run out of internet quota.

Now for those of you who don't know how to download Mobile Legends on a laptop, here Jaka will provide a complete review how to play ML on laptop and PC without lag. Check it out!

Advantages of Playing Mobile Legends on PC/Laptop

In fact, Mobile Legends is a game mobile which is intended to play in smartphone or tablet, whether based on Android or iOS.

However, many Android emulator applications on PCs now allow a way to play ML on a Windows 7 laptop or PC. Of course there are many benefits that you can feel, including:

1. Controls and Graphics Like Dota 2

For those of you who are looking for a side besides playing Dota 2 on PC, indeed Mobile Legends can be an outlet, you know. Simple control with gameplay a simple one might be your reason.

Well, some people who play Mobile Legends on PC also want to keep feeling Dota 2 play experience by using a control in the form of mouse and keyboard, gang.

Well, if you're the type of person whose hands get sweaty quickly, there's nothing wrong with skills because your hands are slippery, gang!

2. Live Streaming is More Maximum

Well if this one reason is usually for those of you who want it live streaming games on YouTube or platform this other.

Usually para YouTuber Mobile Legends play more often on PC in order to get some benefits. For example, such as a better internet connection and without lag when running multiple programs at once.

Minimum Specifications for Mobile Legends on PC/Laptop

After knowing the advantages of playing Mobile Legends on a PC, now you must know the minimum PC or laptop specifications that you must have.

Oh yes, this is so that you are more comfortable playing without distractions lag, lol. Then what are the minimum specifications? Check the details below, OK!

Minimum SpecificationMobile Legends: Bang Bang
Operating systemWindows 7/8/10 (Latest Service Pack)
CPUMultiple core processor, support VT-x or AMD-V Virtualization Technology
VGASupport Open GL 2.0 or higher performance
Hard Disk1.5GB
AdditionStable internet connection

How to Play Mobile Legends on PC or Laptop Without Lag (100% Works)

You must be impatient, right? Don't worry, now you have entered the main discussion!

Now for this tutorial, ApkVenue will recommend using NoxPlayer or better known as Nox.

NoxPlayer itself is one of the emulator software The best Android, which is recommended for playing Android games on PCs or laptops.

For those of you who want to play on the PC directly, unfortunately until now there is none how to play Mobile Legends on PC without emulator.

For the next steps, let's see the full tutorial on playing ML on a Laptop below:

How to Download & Install Mobile Legends on NoxPlayer

If you don't have emulator software NoxPlayer and the most popular Mobile Legends gameinstall in it, let's follow the steps below.

It's so easy! Do not use all kinds of complicated.

  • Download and install the Android emulator application Nox Player on your PC. You can download directly via the link below:
BigNox Emulator Apps DOWNLOAD
  • Download files Mobile Legends: Bang Bang APK latest on the link below. Then, click and drag files the APK into the NoxPlayer window to start the installation.
Moonton Strategy Games DOWNLOAD
  • In addition to doing the installation manually via files APK, you can also downloadinstall through service Google Play Store available in NoxPlayer.

  • Open the Google Play Store app on NOX, then login using your Gmail account. Perform the installation as usual.

  • If so, run Mobile Legends: Bang Bang by clicking on the available icon. Download data in-game to be able to play the game.
  • Finished! Very easy, right, gang?

How to Set Mouse & Keyboard in Mobile Legends on NoxPlayer

It's impossible, right? install on PC or laptop but still stubborn still want to play touch screen?

Well, since you will be playing with mouse and keyboard, there are several settings that you must do before actually playing and feeling the fun.

Here are some keymap, for Mobile Legends control on PC use mouse and keyboard. Listen, come on!

  • After entering the game, play Custom mode first to start making button settings. Open menu Simulate Touch or key combination Ctrl + 1 to enter the page mouse settings and keyboard.
  • NoxPlayer has provided recommendations settings to play games withgenre MOBA. The following is mouse settings and keyboard best for playing Mobile Legends on NoxPlayer.

Mobile Legends Key Mapping Collection on NoxPlayer

Button UpMovement Up
Button DownMovement Down
Button LeftMovement Left
Button RightMovement Right
SpaceNormal Attack
QSkill 1
WSkill 2
ESkill 3
1Skill 1 Upgrade
2Skill 2 Upgrade
3Skill 3 Upgrade
NBattle Spell
Caps lockItem Shop
ZBuy Item 1
XBuy Item 2
F1Attack Command
F2Retreat Command
F3Gather Command
F4Chat Command
ShiftBattle Stats


Above is mouse settings and default keyboard from NoxPlayer to play Mobile Legends. You can easily do custom button according to your preference, gang.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Mobile Legends on PC or Laptop, Auto Win!

Download and install games? Check! Do settings knob mouse and keyboard? Check!

Now, what is lacking is only a few tips and tricks so that your playing experience is more comfortable, especially from problems lag alias frames broken ones.

To do this, you can take the following steps.

  • Make sure the internet or WiFi network you are using is stable while playing.
  • Don't forget to change fake graphics when playing the game becomes a Medium or the lowest. It can be done in-game as well as in NoxPlayer.
  • Use the app game booster to clean RAM and applications running on background.
  • Play with gamepad to enhance the gaming experience. For recommendations gamepad best, can see in this article: 8 Best Android Gamepads for Playing Mobile Legends (Update 2019).

Bonus: Recommendations for Android Emulators for Mobile Legends Apart from NoxPlayer

Apart from using emulator NoxPlayer, there are also some recommendations emulator The best Android for playing games that you can try!

1. Tencent Gaming Buddy

First you can use Tencent Gaming Buddy. Emulators made by Tencent Games, it turns out that it can't only be used to play PUBG Mobile games.

Here are library which contains other games, such as Arena of Valor, Honkai Impact 3, Speed ​​Drifters, including Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Now for the following installation method, play the game on emulator You can also see this here: How to Play PUBG Mobile on PC via Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator.

Shooting Games Tencent Mobile International Ltd. DOWNLOAD

2. BlueStacks

Then there's Bluestacks which has now reached its third version, which is now getting full support from BlueStacks Gaming Platform.

Armed with this feature, it is claimed to provide better and faster performance, to support your experience in playing Android games on a PC or laptop.

Apps Drivers & Smartphone Bluestacks DOWNLOAD

Other Gaming Android Emulators...

In addition to Tencent Gaming Buddy and Bluestacks, there are also several emulator Another Android that you can try and adjust to your needs.

You can read more in the following Jaka article: 20 Best Android Emulators for PC and Laptops (2019 Update).


Well that's the way install as well as how to play Mobile Legends on a PC or laptop without lag by using emulator NoxPlayer.

And for those of you who are trying it for the first time, of course it will be a little difficult to adjust the controls mouse and keyboard, gang.

So keep trying until you succeed! Ganbatte Kudasai~

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