7 of the best & most fun xbox 360 games to play in 2020

Xbox 360 console, still popular today. In fact, some of the games are still loved by many fans, such as the following best Xbox 360 games.

Who doesn't know Microsoft's popular game console this? This game console, which was released in 2005, is still popular today.

Rival PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii is the first game console that uses a wireless stick. No wonder, the presence of the Xbox 360 at that time was very loved.

Several Xbox 360 games have also been successful and have received a lot of fans to this day because of the excitement of the gameplay and the unique graphics they carry.

Then, anything best Xbox 360 games from then until now? Check out the full review below, gang!

The Best Xbox 360 Game of All Time

The online capabilities and graphic quality offered by the Xbox 360 are stunning. No wonder that until now there are still many gamers who play with this game console.

Well, this time ApkVenue will discuss the row best Xbox 360 game of all time which can make you addicted, gang. Listen, come on!

1. Grand Theft Auto V

Who is not familiar with this Xbox 360 game? Grand Theft Auto or GTA is a game that is synonymous with drug dealers and other crimes.

While playing, you will be required to complete various missions in GTA V, such as carrying out complex and dangerous robberies, gangs.

GTA V not much different from the previous versions. In this game there is a fantastic script centered on three complexes in the city of Los Santos.

DetailsGrand Theft Auto V
DeveloperRockstar North
PublisherRockstar Games
Release Date17 September 2013

2. Hello 3

In this game that was released in 2007, you will play as Master Chief by continuing the storyline from Halo: Combat Evolved and hello 2.

With 1080p resolution, you can feel more comfortable in this best Xbox 360 game. There's also four-player online co-op and a powerful map editor, gang.

In this first-person shooter genre game, there is one game that is quite fun, namely blowing up aliens. Guaranteed to be fun!

Detailshello 3
PublisherMicrosoft Game Studios
Release DateSeptember 25, 2007
GenreFirst-person shooter

3. Batman: Arkham Asylum

The famous superhero character, Batman, turned out to be present in the Xbox 360 game and became one of the best of all time. In fact, this game is also the best PC game.

With the main character as Batman, you are required to explore the puzzles given by the Joker with a total of 240 puzzles.

Batman: Arkham Asylum will also engage you in a battle. Later, you can use the iconic weapons that are usually used by Batman.

DetailsBatman: Arkham Asylum
DeveloperRocksteady Studios
PublisherEidos Interactive, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Release DateAugust 25, 2009
GenreAction, Adventure

More Best Xbox 360 Games...

4. Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption is an Xbox 360 game that tells the story of a former criminal in search of justice to atone for the wrongs he had committed.

It is John Marston who lives in New Austin, a city with no laws. So he had to crush the bandits alone.

Set in a wild desert, when playing this best Rockstar Games game, you are also required to fight various wild animals that can attack at any time.

DetailsRed Dead Redemption
DeveloperRockstar San Diego
PublisherRockstar Games
Release DateMay 18, 2010

5. Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

If you are a Star Wars fan, Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga Of course it is very suitable to be your newest favorite game, gang.

Xbox 360 games for children also turned out to be popular with adults. In addition to exciting gameplay, you can also become a mini-sized Star Wars character in this game.

In addition, this Star Wars game can also be played by several people together, aka multiplayer. So it is suitable for family gatherings.

DetailsLego Star Wars: The Complete Saga
DeveloperTraveler's Tales, Amaze Entertainment
PublisherThe Walt Disney Company, Lucasarts, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Feral Interactive
Release DateNovember 6, 2007

6. Gears of War 3

This multiplayer Xbox 360 game is the thrilling culmination of the trilogy Epic Games by presenting a gruesome gameplay that is a little brutal and emotional.

Just like the previous series, GOW 3 still comes with protagonist and antagonist characters who look tough while supporting large weapons.

The best game from Epic Games is also considered to have succeeded in presenting good visualization, amazing monster designs, and a supportive battle scale.

DetailsGears of War 3
DeveloperEpic Games
PublisherMicrosoft Studios
Release DateSeptember 20, 2011
GenreThird-person shooter

7. Just Dance 2019

Just Dance 2019 is a game by Ubisoft that can be played in single player or multiplayer for up to 4 people. You can also choose the character as you wish.

Uniquely, this Xbox 360 Kinect game can also be played using a smartphone as a controller with an application that can be downloaded for free.

In addition, one of the newest 2019 Xbox games also provides more than 400 songs that you can choose according to your taste. That's great, right?

DetailsJust Dance 2019
Release DateOctober 23, 2018

Those were the 7 best Xbox 360 games of all time that you must try. It's so exciting, ApkVenue guarantees that you will be addicted from the first time you play it.

Thanks to its online capabilities and the quality of the graphics it offers, it's no wonder that the Xbox 360 is still popular and has many fans today.

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