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how to install multiple line accounts on android

It would be fun if we could install multiple LINE accounts on a smartphone of our own, without the hassle of using it on two different cellphones or on different devices.

It would be fun if we could install multiple accounts LINE on a smartphone of our own, without having to bother using it on two different cellphones or on different devices. Through the following article, we will let you know How to Easily Install Multiple LINE Accounts on One Android Phone.

This method actually does not only apply to the LINE application, but to other applications such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many others. Ready? let's begin step-by-step-his.

(Attention: This tip requires full root access. If your cellphone is not rooted, then the following tips absolutely cannot be done. Read the article on how to root the following to root your Android phone)

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How to Multiple LINE Accounts on Android

  • In this tip, we are duplicating profiles from Android so that you can have more than one profile that can be used for different purposes. For that, we need an application called SwitchMe Multiple Accounts. Download and install the application SwitchMe via the download button below.
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  • If so, run the SwitchMe application. Inside, not much settings It's complicated what you have to do. You just need to press the button Next on screen Welcome, and fill in your main profile name as desired. If so, press the button Create in the lower right corner.

  • On the main page of SwitchMe, press the button + in the lower right corner, then select Create profile.

  • Fill in the name of your second profile, as desired.

  • Now, your second profile is ready. If you want to switch to the profile you just created, just press icon the image of three dots in the upper right corner of the profile you want to select, then select Switch. Wait a few minutes until your HP restart alone.

  • DO NOT BE SURPRISED! Your Android phone will come back like a new cellphone, with all settings which returns as before. Old applications will also disappear in the new profile. But herein lies the advantage. You can install a new LINE to be installed with another different account.

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  • If you want to return to the main profile and want to use other applications as before, you only need to re-open the application SwitchMe, then tap the three-dot icon in the upper right corner of your main profile. Press Switch come back.

Now, you already have two different profiles in one Android phone. That way, you can use multiple LINE accounts in one Android phone. Good luck!

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