waze vs google maps difference: which is better?

As the best guide app, here are the differences between Waze and Google Maps that you might not know about

When Google acquired Waze in 2013, raised many questions about the fate of Google's similar services namely Google Maps. But now Waze is still going exist side by side with Google Maps.

Although the presence of Waze adds new alternatives and preferences as a navigation information service, it actually adds new questions, which application is the best and what is the difference between Waze Vs Google Maps?

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Waze vs. Google Maps

On the one hand, both applications are the same navigation-based applications, so both are equally best in providing services to users.

In other words, Waze and Google Maps have different user bases, and they also have clear differences, what are they?

As quoted from the site makeusof, here are the differences between the two services.

Navigation and Display Interface

Of all the navigation applications currently available, Google Maps is still the most 'clean' and professional application.

The appearance of Google Maps is very minimalist and simple, routes are also easy to set up and navigate, and are quite easy to use for beginners.

Therefore, I recommend Google Maps is very appropriate if used to find new places that are not yet known.

In addition, the use of applications on old Android devices is also still quite good, although there is a slight occurrence lag if accessed using a cell phone 1GB RAM as Moto E and Galaxy S3 Mini, but that doesn't really cause much of a problem.

Another interesting feature of Google Maps is that there is a route estimation facility for pedestrians, cycling, and public transportation.

Unlike Google Maps, which was made to be used by everyone, Waze does not work with all users.

Waze also seems to throw away a lot of unnecessary features, which means Waze has more specialized services and in terms of usage performance.

When using Waze, we can enter the type of vehicle we are using, the type of fuel, the choice to want to avoid the toll road or vice versa, and many other special features.

Waze is also a navigation app, but you won't find route estimation features for pedestrians, cycling, or public transportation like on Google Maps.

Routes, Alerts and Updates

One of the advantages that keep Waze alive is the traffic report feature that real-time and update the route. Each user can submit live reports on accidents, construction zones, roadworks, etc.

Based on that information, Waze will automatically update our route to avoid it, is it fun?

Waze update also more real-time rather than Google Maps, because Waze uses a lot of delivery data, while Google Maps only automates based on data that active Google Maps users submit, and it will experience delays in the data that Google can collect.

Google Maps also doesn't do it often re-route and will display a warning if traffic conditions change when something happens, such as a traffic jam.

The warning will also not immediately change the initial route and we can cancel the notification.

Convenience and Special Features

One of the unique features of Google Maps is that users can add one or more 'pit stop' between the current location and the final destination.

We can also plan trips in advance by using the 'Department by' and 'Arrive at' on the application. Both features are great for long, complicated journeys.

Other unique features include changing views, navigating buildings, and sending routes from PC to phone.

Waze apparently also offers a lot more than that, including the controversial feature of avoiding police raids. Users can report police locations, and make other Waze users avoid those locations.

Users can also report the location of cameras or CCTV in various places.

Other features that are quite useful are Planned Drives, which tells us when to leave to reach our destination at a certain time.

Then other notable features include integration with Spotify, speed alerts when driving too fast, recommendations for parking places near destinations, and gas stations.

Local and Social Business Features

This is one of the advantages of Waze that far outperforms Google Maps, namely the social features. Since most of Waze's data is from Crow-Sourced, it is natural that every user can greet each other and cooperate.

For example if we see other Wazers on the map around us, then we can send them a text message or chat.

We can also add friends, share location and estimated arrival time when heading to the same destination.

In addition, the list of friends can also be imported via Facebook or other contacts. We can also use 'Invisible Mode' to appear offline.

The biggest difference between Google Maps and Waze is that Google Maps doesn't have any social features. Cannot be used for chatting, no friends, nothing scoreboards, etc.

However, Google also has a feature that Waze doesn't have, which is quite complete local business information.

Google Maps search results about local businesses are more accurate and comprehensive, we will get complete information such as ratings, reviews, hours of operation, contact information, photos, how to book a table and place, and much more.

That's the difference between Waze and Google Maps. So which one is the best, Waze or Google Maps? Which features do you think are important and which are unnecessary? Let's give your answer in the comments below.