exynos vs snapdragon vs mediatek, which is the best?

Exynos, Snapdragon, and MediaTek, these three processors are the most commonly found in Android smartphones today. They compete with each other by bringing up many kinds of cutting-edge processors. So who is the best?

The processor on a smartphone is like the brain in humans, all the performance produced is the result of the processing of the processor. Therefore, the processor used must be guaranteed performance and quality. This certainly makes the competition between processor factories to be the best by issuing products that continue to grow. Among them are three processors from different manufacturers who dominate the market. They compete fiercely to be the most superior.

Exynos, Snapdragon, and MediaTek, these three processors are the most commonly found in Android smartphones today. They compete with each other by bringing up many kinds of cutting-edge processors. So who is the best? This is the comparison of Exynos vs Snapdragon vs Mediatek Android processors.

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Exynos vs Snapdragon vs MediaTek, Which is Best?


The processor from the K-Pop country manufacturer, which is also at the top of the Android-based smartphone sales market, is Samsung. Processor Exynos You could say the processor is rich, because most of those who use it are smartphones flagship at exorbitant prices, such as from Samsung itself, Galaxy S7 and Note 7, then there are also vendors others who use it like flagship Meizu.

As the saying goes, there is money there is goods , this high-priced chipset can be said to have almost no weaknesses. Its performance is able to make the experience of using a smartphone a pleasure, multitasking and gaming even minor with the word lag . But, still this can only be enjoyed by user thick wallet.


The chipset, which is the toughest rival of Exynos, is also widely used by today's smartphones. Play at all levels, lower, middle and upper, processor Snapdragon This is selling well used by many smartphone manufacturers. Cheaper prices and fierce performance even on par with Exynos, are selling points for consumers vendors to marry her. They also often give birth to the latest processor technology that does not yet exist.

Snapdragon has three types of processors, there is a version 400 for entry-level, 600 in the middle class, and finally 800 in the ranks flagship. Processor manufacturer Qualcomm this is the best in terms of performance and efficiency. Resistance to battery power consumption and high graphics processing are also advantages of Snapdragon.


Trying to infiltrate in the middle of Snapdragon vs Exynos competition, MediaTek gave a surprise, when a while ago issued a Chipset Helio X20, X25 and X30 which will come out next year, you could say crazy, because it has 10 nuclei (core) the first in the world. Even if it's time sluggish because it always plays in the lower ranks, MediaTek finally shows its fangs when it starts releasing P and X series processors.

Now MediaTek is quite able to be aligned with Snapdragon and Exynos. Not really able to compete with the two rivals, although MediaTek claims they are better. Yes, the article is that MediaTek has not been able to maximize the performance of its chipset, even though in the X series the shortcomings are not too significant. However, with the seriousness and optimism shown, it is not impossible that in the coming year MediaTek will become the most superior processor and can become a strong competitor against Exynos.

Oh yes, there is an advantage of MediaTek that other manufacturers have not been able to follow, namely, cheap price even though it's the X series. Just look at the Xiaomi Redmi Pro which carries the Helio X25, with a dowry of 3 to 4 million we can already feel the performance flagship.


Comparing between processors may not find a way out and can't determine which is the best, even though each manufacturer claims they are the best and of course the fanboy. Because Each processor has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Through the review above, maybe what we can conclude from the comparison of the Android processor is from range price and individual needs user. If you are hardcore users , you can choose between Exynos and Snapdragon, but if you don't have budget a lot but still want to feel the strong performance you can choose the MediaTek P or X series.