15 best android fingerprint apps

The fingerprint feature is now a must-have feature for Android smartphones. Here Jaka reviews 15 of the best Android fingerprint applications.

Fingerprint feature or fingerprint is now one of the must-have features of a smartphone. Yes. Since every human being has a different fingerprint, this feature is considered the most powerful to be used as a security feature, including for Android smartphones.

So a mandatory feature, fingerprint is no longer only owned by smartphones high-end. Even lower-middle-class smartphones can have it with an application. Here's Jaka review 15 best android fingerprint app for you.

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15 Best Android Fingerprint Apps

1. App Locker: Fingerprint & Pin

This popular application or commonly referred to as just App Locker is one of the most popular applications Android fingerprint app best because it provides features fingerprint to lock the app up to the settings menu or settings.

Even so, this application also provides other security features beyond the fingerprint sensor. They are security features by using pins, patterns (pattern) and password or password.

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2. FingerSecurity

Just like the previous application, FingerSecurity also provides various security features for your Android smartphone. In fact, one of the features in this application has a double lock function that makes your Android more secure or difficult to break into.

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3. AppLock Fingerprint Unlock

Including one of the fingerprint applications with the smallest size or size, which is less than 2 MB, AppLock Fingerprint Unlock is the right choice for those of you who don't want to be complicated and take up a lot of space in Android storage space.

About features? This one application is no less complete with other fingerprint applications. It even provides services to lock Bluetooth, WiFi and so on.

4. Real Fingerprint App lock

Also not much different from Android fingerprint app On the other hand, Real Fingerprint App lock can lock smartphones or applications separately. In addition, this application can also provide notifications to let you know if someone is trying to break into your Android device.

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5. Fingerprint Lock Screen

Fingerprint Lock Screen is one of the simplest fingerprint apps. The features are as simple as being able to lock and unlock your Android smartphone with a pre-installed fingerprint.scan previously.

6. App Lock: Fingerprint Password

Functionally, this application has a function that is also almost the same as other fingerprint applications. The difference is, App Lock: Fingerprint Password has a view that according to the majority reviewer most attractive among other fingerprint apps.

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7. ICE Unlock

This application uses your fingerprint to open a smartphone or application in it by taking a photo of your fingerprint first. Yes. ICE (Identity Control Essentials) Unlock will match the fingerprint you use with the first picture or photo taken.

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8. Fingerprint Quick Action

Just like Fingerprint Lock Screen, an application called Fingerprint Quick Action is also suitable for those of you who just want to have a simple fingerprint sensor feature on your Android. Plus, this app is one of the easiest to use.

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9. Fingerprint Gestures

Also almost the same as other fingerprint applications, Fingerprint Gestures also has several features or modes. Not only fingerprints, you can set the lock function with a tap on the screen of your Android smartphone.

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10. Real Home Button Fingerprint!

Application called Real Home Button Fingerprint! can change the home button of your Android smartphone which was just a regular home button, into a scanner fingerprint sensor which can then be used to lock the smartphone.

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11. Fingerprint Lock Prank

Different from other applications, Fingerprint Lock Prank is also one of the Android fingerprint applications but only for fun. A fingerprint icon will appear on the smartphone screen, but it can't be used because it's only for prank only.

12. Fingerprint Lock 2017

This application also has the same function, which is to only unlock and lock the smartphone with the fingerprint sensor. Fingerprint Lock 2017 can be used on your device with a minimum OS of Android 6.0.

13. App Lock Pro: Fingerprint

App Lock Pro: Fingerprint can also be one Android fingerprint app your choice. Besides being easy to use, this application also provides a variety of other security features that you can use at the same time. In other words, layered security.

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14. Fingerprint Blood Pressure Simulator

Different from other applications, this fingerprint application is not to lock or unlock the smartphone, but to determine blood pressure. Yes, Fingerprint Blood Pressure Simulator allows you to check blood pressure on Android using the fingerprint sensor.

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15. Fingerprint Swipes

Fingerprint Swipes is an application that only Android Oreo owners can enjoy. For features, this application is actually almost the same as other fingerprint applications. Maybe added with features swipe which is simpler, according to the name of the application.

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That's 15 The best Android fingerprint app that you must try. Even if your Android smartphone doesn't have a built-in fingerprint sensor yet, there's no reason for you to miss this feature because you can use one or more of the fingerprint apps above. Good luck!

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