10 dangers that lurk if you use pirated windows

The circulation of pirated Windows in Indonesia is very mushrooming and even difficult to overcome. Because besides being free, pirated Windows is also very easy to get. Many software shops also sell this illegal Windows. Here are

The circulation of pirated Windows in Indonesia is very mushrooming and even difficult to overcome. Because apart from being free, pirated Windows is also very easy to get. Lots of shops software who also sells this illegal Windows. Not only offline, currently the shops on line also makes the circulation of pirated Windows difficult to limit. Indeed, the price offered is very far when compared to the price of the original Windows. But do you know that behind the cheapness of pirated Windows there are many dangers that lurk? The following are the dangers and negative effects that you will experience when using pirated Windows.

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Dangers of Using Pirated Windows

1. Annoying Message Appears from Windows

If you are using pirated Windows on your computer, you will get quite annoying messages or notifications from Windows. The message contains a reminder that you buy genuine Windows. Well usually the message appears within a certain period of time.

2. Computer Can't Be Used

Using pirated Windows can risk rendering your computer unusable. For example, if you are using Windows 7, a warning will appear in the form of watermark and the wallpaper turns black. Especially if you are still using Windows XP. This Windows has processes Genuine Advantage and cause user locked and unable to use his computer.

3. Features not working optimally

Using pirated Windows can also make features not run optimally. There are some features in Windows that can only be used in the original version. For example in Windows 8, there are some locked settings such as changing background for start screen and there are also features sync which cannot be used and much more.

4. Minimal Security

Windows updates actually in charge of making the OS more optimal. Updates This also plays a very important role in updating security to avoid viruses, bugs, and others. However, pirated Windows will not be able to be used for updates so Windows security becomes vulnerable and vulnerable to attack.

5. Violation of the Law

Use software illegal, of course, violates the law. In any country this is definitely prohibited and the target of law enforcement. Illegal Windows users can of course be caught by this and the punishment is of course jail.

6. No Privacy Guarantee

Pirated Windows can be easily purchased anywhere. We also never know who actually made copy The pirated Windows. Well, there is also a possibility that Windows has been compromised software evil that invades our privacy. It is possible for bad people to spy on and take advantage of the data we have on the computer.

7. Can Damage Computers

As said before, pirated Windows is the work of irresponsible hands. We ourselves are difficult to know whether there is software certain evil on such pirated Windows. When we install, there can be malicious things that spread on the computer and can damage it.

8. Can Be Affected by Illegal Device Raids

Software illegal is certainly against the law. The apparatus also often enforces the law for this matter. Usually there are frequent raids targeting users software illegal, one of which is this pirated Windows. Well, it's very risky that you can get caught in this raid and go to jail.

9. Chaotic Computer Performance

Illegal Windows can contain many dangerous viruses and this can harm the computer you are using. Viruses that infect can damage certain things that are very vital on the computer and if that happens, the performance of the computer will be very disrupted and become chaotic.

10. Hacker Danger

Hackers is a threat in cyberspace. Now by using pirated Windows, this threat can become even bigger. If it's been infiltrated hacker, it will be very dangerous for the data and the entire system on the computer you are using. Therefore, it is better to use original Windows.