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7 anime with the most episodes, the congee pilgrim on the pilgrimage lost badly!

Guess what anime has the most episodes of all time? Jaka is sure, you will be surprised by this one list!

If you were asked to name the anime with the highest number of episodes, what would you answer, gang?

Most likely, you will answer One Piece or Detective Conan which is still showing. The answer is wrong!

Although the two popular anime have hundreds of episodes, the anime below has a much larger number of episodes!

Anime with the Most Episodes

Until this article was published, One Piece is known to have 939 episodes, while Detective Conan have total episodes 1011.

What about other famous anime? Anime Pokemon which has many season have total 1.154 episodes, while Chibi Maruko-chan have total 1.403 episode.

This number is still far less than the anime below. Anything?

7. Kirin Monoshiri Yakata (1,565 Episodes)

Photo source: Steemit

The first anime series on this list is Kirin Monoshiri Yakata. This anime has a total of 1.565 episode.

If you've never heard of this anime, it's natural because this anime aired from 1975 to 1979.

Imagine, in just four years this anime could produce thousands of episodes. This can happen because each duration only has a duration of 5 minutes.

6. Afternoon! Anpanman (1,568 Episodes)

Photo source: YouTube

If you talk about anime that tells about superheroes, maybe you will remember Soreiki! Anpanman in the form of bread.

The anime first aired on October 3, 1988 and has been on the air for over 20 years in total 1.568 episode.

Not only successful in the anime world, Anpanman is also the largest franchise in Japan that operates in the entertainment, recreation, food, and game industries.

5. Ojarumaru (1,765 Episodes)

Photo source: Dailymotion

Comedy genre, anime Ojarumaru gained popularity in almost all of Asia and Europe. So it's not wrong if the number of episodes reaches the number 1.765 episode.

The adorable main character makes this anime able to be enjoyed by all ages, from children to adults.

This anime first appeared on October 5, 1998 and is still broadcasting to this day, making it one of the longest running anime.

4. Oyako Club (1,818 Episodes)

Photo source: Allocine

Next there is Oyako Club centered on a very entertaining family sitcom. This anime has been airing for a long time from 1994 to 2013.

In English, this anime is translated to Parent and Child Club. The total episodes owned by this anime are 1.818 episode.

This anime depicts a unique relationship between family members, but full of love. This factor is what makes this anime last a long time on television.

Next Anime. . .

3. Nintama Rantaro (2,116 Episodes)

Photo source: Fandom

The 90s generation must remember this one legendary anime. Nintama Rantaro or Ninjaboy Rantaro is a ninja who was more popular than Naruto.

The light-hearted plot and lots of cute characters make this anime the perfect Sunday show for families.

This comedy genre anime has been running for 26 years and has a total of 2.116. This number is still very likely to increase considering that this anime has not finished until now.

2. Doraemon (2,888 Episodes)

Photo source: Anime Philippines

Ah, of course, our beloved robot cat should all be on the list. Doraemon is in second place with the total number of episodes reaching 2.888.

It feels like this anime will never end. There are problems that Nobita has, so Doraemon has to remove tools from his future.

Doraemon is arguably one of the most successful franchises in the world. The manga has sold millions of copies, and the games have many varieties.

Even though the number of episodes has almost touched the 3,000 mark, it turns out that Doraemon is not the anime with the most episodes! So, what is it?

1. Sazae-san (7,500+)

Photo source: Nippon

The anime that has the right to hold the title as the anime with the most episodes is Sazae-san. How many anime? More than 7.500 episode!

This anime has been airing since October 5, 1969 and is still airing today! No wonder the number of episodes can reach that much.

Maybe you are scratching your head because you feel foreign to this anime, it's just that its popularity in Japan is extraordinary.

In fact, this anime holds a record in Guinness World Records as the longest animated series in the world.

For comparison, Indonesian soap operas with the highest number of episodes are Porridge Ride Hajj The Series. The soap opera has 2.185 episode.

That number is only one third of the number of episodes owned by anime Sazae-san, although the duration of each episode is indeed very short.

Which anime are you still following until now? Write in the comments column, yes!

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