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how to speed up android internet connection with vpn

Slow internet is really annoying because it takes a long time to load. But Jaka has tips, here's how to speed up internet connection to 1000mbps!

Internet connection become a necessity for many people today. Unfortunately, not every time the internet connection runs smoothly. Frequent connection very 'sluggish' and waiting for so long to load is really annoying.

But calm down guys Jaka has a way to overcome this slow connection. You just need to install a special application. Following how to speed up internet connection on android with VPN.

How to Speed ​​Up Internet Connection on Android Phone

To be able to speed up the internet connection on your Android phone, the first step that must be done is to install the application Smart VPN. This application will access servers that have access speeds of up to 1000Mbps. You can download the application below:

Networking Apps DOWNLOAD

Advantages of Smart VPN Application

This application has many advantages guys. One of them is there modified proxy that can make your internet so firmer. Either when using the app or streaming and download videos in high quality. In addition, this VPN application can also open blocked sites you know.

So, you don't have to worry about not being able to access certain sites. This application can also block ads in both the application and your browser. Like other VPN apps, this app can also maintain security and privacy you when surf.

How to Speed ​​Up Network with Smart VPN App

How to use this application is also very easy guys. Enough connect with one click. Here's the complete way:

  • First open Smart VPN app which was installed earlier. When opening this app it will detect all available servers. After that it will appear pop-up approval, tap agree.
  • After that you will enter the main page of this application. To speed up internet connection then activate this application with tap icon which is at the bottom center.
  • Application will run automatically and connect your smartphone to a server that has access speeds of up to 1000mbps. You can also select the server manually guys.

Get Faster with Premium, NO BUYING!

If you want an even faster connection you can upgrade to premiumguys. The trick is to collect coins up to 30.000. You can get these coins in several ways.

Starting from sharing applications, giving ratings, watching ads, and using this application every day. With Premium you can access more features with various advantages. One of them is server access with super speeding speed.

Well, that's him guys tips from Jaka on how how to speed up internet connection on android. This app is free guys so give it a try from now on!

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