easy way to make android apps for beginners

Many new applications are developed by ordinary developers, which successfully decorate the top of the Android application store on your smartphone. Have you ever thought about making an Android application? Here's an easy way to make Android apps

You still remember the phenomenal game Flappy Bird? Who would have thought, a very simple game that can attract the attention of many people. Many new applications are developed by ordinary developers, which successfully decorate the top of the Android application store on your smartphone. So, have you ever thought about making an Android application?

In the past, it was very difficult to develop Android applications, you had to have the ability coding. But now, there's been a lot software which allows you to create apps even if you're not very good at it coding. Reported from AndroidPIT, do you know game makers Color Switch successful in-download more than 10 million times it's not good coding.

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How to Create Android Apps for Beginners with Android Studio

From past phenomena and examples above, it is clear that opportunities are always there. You just have to have the right combination of unique ideas and good execution in making apps. Here's the info you should know, in developing Android applications for beginners.

Make Careful Planning

Every day, sometimes there unique ideas that comes to your mind. However, because there was no follow-up, the idea just disappeared. Inspiration comes anywhere and anytime, so if you get an idea, just jot it down and make the picture as clear as you can.

You start developing this unique idea more maturely with your creativity. Do a little research, what kind of application you make, make sure your idea is useful or entertaining. If you are getting into a particular niche market, look at the competition. But if you plan to compete with some well-known apps, make sure that the apps you make are better.

Install Android Studio

If your planning is mature, the next step is to prepare the tools. Download and install the required software. Well if you don't have the ability coding good, you must use Android Studio. So, make sure your computer is also installed Java SE Development Kit 7. You can both download free.

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Get to know Android Features

Before starting'Star a new Android Studio project', you can explore the features in Android Studio. Next try to make a simple application, start learning new things. If there's something you don't understand, you can do an internet search. Don't hesitate to start learning coding basically, because later it will definitely be needed to make the application or game that you make according to your wishes.

Ask Your Friends for Suggestions

Don't worry, Android Studio is very user-friendly. With sincerity and willing to learn, you can definitely master it well even though you are not proficient coding. Well, if you have succeeded in making an application, you can ask your friends to try it. If your friends don't even like it, then try again. However, you friends like and are very enthusiastic about trying your application. This means that there is a chance that your application is popular on the Play Store.

There are many, applications that are made on a whim can be successful indownload millions of times on Google Play Store. Of course, you can also start learning the basics coding. Nothing is instant success, behind success there must be hard work. What do you think, interested in making Android applications?