no internet needed! this is how to watch tv offline on android

Currently, there is also an offline TV watching application available, this way TV viewing activities will be more exciting and certainly not wasteful of quota. Want to know anything? Come on!

Various kinds of TV watching app there are now very many available for Android, it's just that most of these applications can not be used offline so that internet quota will be drained quickly because of this. If there is anything that can be used offline it's definitely going to be fun.

And sure enough, now it's also available offline TV watching app, this way our TV viewing activities will be more exciting and of course don't waste quota. But even so, you still need support device to run the application, the tool is named mobile TV tuner. You don't need to worry, the price of this tool is very cheap only IDR 100 thousand just. Who doesn't want to pay only once, but get free forever?

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No Internet Use! It's time to watch TV offline on Android using these 5 applications!


The first is TDT HD TV. If you are a free hobby then the application watch tv offline This one you must try, because you no longer need an internet connection to watch television broadcasts. TDT HD TV also has many interesting features, including: video recorder, view EPG and much more.

Please note that this application will not run without mobile TV Tunner, so make sure that your Android is already installed connect with mobile TV Tunner. You don't have to worry about the price, the price of mobile TV Tunner is very cheap starting 100 thousand. This tool will be connected to Android using USB OTG, its use is to capture a signal instead of an antenna.

2. Homefree TV

Homefree TV is also one of the offline TV watching applications on Android. No need to rely anymore Internet connection because you only need to rely on an additional tool called mobile TV Tunner to run it. This application also provides very complete channel, you can choose a wide selection of channels around the world. Makes me very curious guys!

3. iDTV Mobile TV

Do not have internet quota and don't want to miss your favorite show on television? Just use this advanced application. you are enough download iDTV Mobile TV then connect your smartphone with mobile TV Tunner. Jreng! Will automatically show the broadcast television without requiring an internet connection. iDTV Mobile TV is an offline TV watching application that is a little heavy and will only run on smartphones with an operating system atleast lollipops.

4. Air DTV

Water DTV is the most frequently relied upon application for watch television broadcasts offline. The way the Air DTV application works is the same as some of the applications above, which is that it is connected to an existing smartphone connect with TV Tunner mobile device. If it is connected, it will automatically show the TV channel, because the use of this additional tool is as follows: television antenna replacement.

As for the cool features, ranging from a very complete selection of TV channels, good Indonesian channels to overseas. In addition, there is also a language translation feature or subtitles, HD quality and much more.

5. PadTV HD

If you are often annoyed because of the wasteful quota due to watching television online, then turn to the application PadTV HD just. Because with this application you can enjoy hundreds of television shows without the need for an internet connection, aka offline, and that's for sure free.

For the features of this application, there is no need to doubt it, because it provides quite complete features, including subtitles. Meanwhile, to run it, your smartphone is required to be connected to a mobile TV Tunner device.

That's 5 Android apps to watch TV offline and for free. Please note, the applications above are indeed offline TV viewing applications, but to run them you must purchase an additional tool called TV Tunner. Later this tool will be connected to a smartphone instead of an antenna.