7 of the best running apps for smartphones, make you even more excited & motivated!

Running is sometimes boring. However, with the best running application that ApkVenue recommends, you will be more enthusiastic and motivated, you know!

Currently, you can download various applications for smartphones on the internet. Starting from work support applications, entertainment applications, even porn applications, gangs.

Well, if you are currently actively exercising, especially running, now there are also many running applications that can monitor your health as well as motivate you to be more enthusiastic.

To make it easy, ApkVenue has selected the 7 best running applications that can make you more enthusiastic and motivated to maintain your health.

Curious? Read on for the following Jaka article, gang!

7 Best Running Apps for Smartphones

Running is one of the simplest forms of exercise because you don't need a lot of equipment and opponents to do it.

Compared to competitive sports such as basketball, soccer, and badminton, running can be very boring and tiring.

For this reason, many people feel lazy when running sports. The reasons, anyway, vary, ranging from lack of motivation, to being boring because you don't have one goals or purpose.

So that you are more enthusiastic and motivated in running, you can try some of the running applications that Jaka recommends in this article.

1. Nike Run Club


Even though it has Nike frills on the front, the app Nike Run Club does not require you to use Nike attributes to use it.

In addition, this application is also the running application with the highest rating and the most users on the Google Play Store.

This application provides tracking via GPS which will record your running track so you can know how far you have run.

You can save your run data and compare it with the next data. In addition, you can also run the challenges given by the application, you know.

InformationNike Run Club
DeveloperNike, Inc.
Reviews (Number of Reviewers)4.5 (855.102)
SizeVaries according to device
Android MinimumVaries according to device

2. Weight Loss Running


If you want to find a running application that can help you in your weight loss program, you can use this application Weight Loss Running, gang.

By using this application, you will be given a routine consisting of several levels of difficulty. The more difficult the challenge, the faster you will reach your ideal weight.

The routine doesn't just contain running. You will be instructed to run, jog, take a leisurely walk, and run fast in the specified time and tempo.

InformationWeight Loss Running
DeveloperVerv Inc
Reviews (Number of Reviewers)4.4 (30.413)
Android Minimum5.0

3. Runkeeper

Apps Productivity FitnessKeeper, Inc. DOWNLOAD

If you are looking for a running application with the simplest operation, you can try using the application Runkeeper, gang.

Runkeeper can record all your running activities, whether you are running normally, walking, stopping, or running fast. It's very simple.

Like other running apps, you can create running targets with the Runkeeper app to keep you motivated and focused on your goals.

DeveloperASICS Digital Inc
Reviews (Number of Reviewers)4.5 (528.424)
SizeVaries according to device
Android MinimumVaries according to device

4. Couch to 5K


From the name, the application Couch to 5K will program you who like to be lazy on the couch (couch) to be able to run as far as 5 kilometers.

This application is perfect for those of you who want to follow marathon but lacked the experience and stamina required.

Couch to 5K has a special program that will motivate you every day to be able to run 5 kilometers in 9 weeks of training.

The program will schedule workouts 3 days a week and 20 to 30 minutes of each workout. You really must use this application if you want to join a marathon.

InformationCouch to 5K
DeveloperACTIVE Network, LLC
Reviews (Number of Reviewers)4.6 (13.048)
SizeVaries according to device
Android MinimumVaries according to device

5. Endomondo

Apps Productivity Endomondo DOWNLOAD

Endomondo is an application that not only records running, but can also be used for walking, cycling, and 60 other sports.

This app uses GPS to analyze your statistics and help you achieve your goal of having a healthy life.

In addition, Endomondo allows users to compose goals what you want to achieve and provides challenges that you can take on to be more motivated.

Reviews (Number of Reviewers)4.5 (656.286)
Android MinimumVaries according to device

6. Pumatrac


Pumatrac is one of the best running apps for smartphones that has a very minimalist design but feels cool.

Not only does Pumatrac record the distance and time you run, Pumatrac will also record the weather, time of day, and even the month to give you suggestions of the best time to run.

For example, from the data recorded by the application when you run, Pumatrac suggests that you should run on Friday at 10 am while listening to music.

Oh yes, this application was developed by a sports product company, Puma. Even so, you don't need to wear Puma attributes to use this application.

DeveloperPUMA SE
Reviews (Number of Reviewers)4.1 (5.644)
Android Minimum5.0

7. Strava Training


Strava Training is a choice of the best running applications on Smartphones that you can choose, gang. This application can record your running route and analyze it.

One of the important points of Strava Training is that this application can give you motivation. You can do weekly or monthly challenges created by Strava Training.

Like playing a game, the challenge will be judged by a score and you can compare it with other people's scores. It's fun, isn't it, gang?

InformationStrava Training
DeveloperStrava Inc.
Reviews (Number of Reviewers)4.5 (453.705)
SizeVaries according to device
Android MinimumVaries according to device

Thus Jaka's article about the 10 best running applications for smartphones that can make you more enthusiastic and motivated in running.

Hopefully this article can help you in having a healthy and ideal lifestyle, gang. See you in the next Jaka article!

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