the best gaming pc specifications with a budget of 5 million 2016

To have the best and most capable gaming PC, you don't need to drain your pockets too deep! Yep, enough with a budget of around 5 million, you can get a gaming PC. Want to know how? Check out the reviews in the article

Of course, many PC gamers in Indonesia want the experience gaming quality ones. However, the reason budget high is usually an obstacle for gamers to have a PC gaming best.

But actually to have a PC gaming the best and qualified, you don't need to drain your pocket too deep! Yep, with budget around 5 million it turns out you can already get a PC gaming. How come? You can, because here I will tell you how to assemble a PC gaming best with budget 5 million. Let's check it out!

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The Best Gaming PC Specifications with a Budget of 5 Million October 2016

1. Motherboards

As the first point in compiling a 5 million gaming PC is about motherboard. To press budget, of course you have to wear motherboard quite cheap like MSI A68HM-E33 V2. With price Rp840,000 just actually motherboard this is enough to meet the needs of the best gaming PC that you will build.

Motherboards This cheap and cheap has features that are quite capable from all aspects, such as: PCIe, dual channel DDR3 RAM, HDMI and USB 3.0. In addition, it is also equipped with several interesting features, namely: MSI Military Class 4, where motherboard it can withstand high temperature conditions and is able to be protected from static electricity.

2. Processor

Still in order to cut funds in getting cheap gaming PC prices. The tactic is to use the processor AMD Kaveri Athlon X4-860K worth IDR 1,000,000 just. Eitss.. wait a minute! Even though it's cheap, this processor is actually quite enough for your gaming needs.

Has 4 cores or Quad-Core with speed 3.7 Ghz and can beboost until 4Ghz, this processor is good enough to run games now. Moreover, this processor does not have integrated graphics so that the performance of the processor becomes more stable and is able to provide strong performance.

3. VGA

This is the most important part to assemble a 5 million gaming PC. Yep, mostly budget will be allocated to the graphics card or VGA. Because most games rely heavily on VGA performance compared to the processor.

HIS Radeon RX 460 iCooler OC 2GB DDR5 is the best choice for concocting 5 million gaming PC. This VGA which has just been released has a pretty tough performance with an above average 30fps on settingsmedium and high, which of course will run the game smoothly. You have to spend as much as Rp1,520,000 to get this one VGA.

4. RAM

From the RAM sector, there are AVEXIR Core Red Dual Channel 4GB DDR3 which can be the right choice for playing contemporary games that are greedy for RAM. Enough to spend as much Rp565.000 you can already have enough quality RAM and can meet the needs of the best gaming PC.

5. Hard disk

To hard disk-nya, you can choose WD 500GB SATA. By using hard disk this, you will not be the name over budget. With a capacity of 500Gb, of course, it is enough to load about 10-15 of the latest games that are quite large in size. You can get this WD 500GB SATA at a price Rp.465.000.

6. Power Supply

In order to meet the electricity needs of all components of the best gaming PC, of ​​course you need a power supply. Now, Gamemax PSU 450W GP 450 you can choose, apart from being cheap, of course the quality is also quite good. Although many doubt it, power supply worth Rp480,000 it already has certification 80+ Bronze or efficiency 80% which can reduce heat, and can save the use of electric power.

7. Case

Although you can freely choose various cheap cases on the market, here I will still provide a recommendation for you. Still with the same brand as power supply, GameMax Hero Gaming H601 could be a good choice.

Not too big in size, case it can still load the components mentioned above freely with good cable management, as well as using liquid cooler. Liquid cooler this is the advantage of case worth Rp325.000 this. In addition, you can also have a beautiful CPU display stylish with transparent glass which is on the side.


So, after adding up all the prices of the components that I have recommended above, you only need to spend approx Rp5,195,000 to get a Best gaming PC with budget 5 million only. Unfortunately, with a gaming PC low budget like this, you certainly won't get settings-an ultra in game. Even so, you can still play the latest games smoothly without any lag with medium settings until high.

Happy experimenting!

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