Menstruating men peek at people taking a bath, these are the 5 weirdest Japanese games that are weird

Because of that, besides being known as a sophisticated country, Heepang is also often referred to as a country that presents a variety of uniqueness and oddities. Likewise with games made in Japan.

Japan is indeed famous for its advanced technologies, especially in the field of machines from the super-sophisticated and magical to super weird is in Japan. Because of that Heepang besides being known as advanced country also often referred to as the country presenting variety of unique and oddities. Likewise with games made in Japan.

This Japanese-made game is arguably the most controversial game ever. It's very strange and definitely instead of you being able to enjoy this game instead confused by the weirdness, therefore it would be better if you don't play. Well here are some Weird game made in Japan which will make you shake your head!

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These 5 Most Weird Japanese-Made Games Will Make You Shake Your Head

1. Creature To Koi Shiyo

Games weird The first one is arguably very controversial and you shouldn't even try to play it, because missions What is given is also very eccentric and does not deserve our example. On game Creature To Koi Shiyo you will be given a simple task that is suggested to interested in love with animals.

Can't explain in detail, clearly this game is a lot bring out the scenes which is inappropriate.

2. Mister Mosquito

This second one is really weird and out of place, Mister Mosquito will take you to the world of so-and-so and as a player you will play the role of a mosquito which is required for peeping someone taking a bath.

This game will be quite strange to play because the scene is also fairly responsible. If you are a lover of adult games, ApkVenue will suggest downloading games that make more sense.

3. Sweet Pool

Menstruation is a common thing in the world but only for a woman. Unlike this game which tell about men who are menstruating, and the mission of this game may be none other than you are required to try to find out causes and cures menstruation on men. Ridiculous and quirky.

4. Seaman

safe also no less eccentric where this game actually makes players confused about the essence of this game. I don't know what the real purpose is but what is certain is that Seaman tells about someone who keeps a human-faced animal, so as a player you have to carry out the mission. Sounds weird and scary too, but that's the mission of the players.

5. Alpaca Evolution

The fifth is Alpaca Evolution a game that brings eccentric gameplay but is not classified as controversial. The main mission of this one game is quite simple but weird and makes no sense! you act as Alpacas that can evolve into strange creatures and make the players fail to understand

If you're still curious about the gameplay, you can download it's on the google play store. Even though it's free, it doesn't guarantee you can enjoy this game because the gameplay is very strange.

That's 5 weird games made in Japan that make players fail to understand. Even though the 5 games above are very quirky and inappropriate to play, if you still insist out of curiosity, there's nothing wrong with downloading.

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