how to take long screenshots on a PC or laptop without additional applications

Besides bookmarks, screenshots are an easy way to save web pages. Here's how to take long screenshots on a computer without additional applications and add-ons. Definitely useful for those of you who don't want to bother installing additional applications!

Information You can find it young where technology has developed very rapidly like recently. You can search for current cooking tutorials, Android smartphone tips or entertainment content all over the internet guys.

Compared to bookmarking, screenshots will be easier to view offline. This time you can easily screenshots long on the computer without app or add-ons extra lol.

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How to Take Long Screenshots in Mozilla Firefox Quantum (PC and Laptop)

How to take long screenshots on computer this time Jaka will use the latest browser, namely Mozilla Firefox Quantum. To use it, make sure you are using Firefox version 57.

Oh yes, it says this browser application is faster and 30% percent lighter than Google Chrome guys. Are you more curious?

Step - 1

The first time, if you already have a browser Mozilla Firefox Quantum make sure you have Firefox version 57. But if not, you can download it at the link below guys.

Mozilla Organization Browser Apps DOWNLOAD

Step - 2

Then open the web page you want to go to in Firefox Quantum. This time Jaka will certainly open dong. Hehehe...

Step - 3

To start screenshots, you just press the three-dot icon on the Address Bar. Then it will appear drop-down menu and just select the menu Take a Screenshot.

Step - 4

You will get options Save full page for screenshots one page website and Save visible for screenshots the page that appears on the screen. Uniquely you can too screenshots specific part of a web page by simply moving the cursor.

Step - 5

Press Save full page for screenshots length in Firefox Quantum. Within seconds, you will be presented with the results screenshots. Press the download icon to save the result screenshots on your computer.

Step - 6

The rest you can also save to Mozilla cloud by pressing the button Save. Screenshots it will be gone and deleted in 14 days guys.

Well that's the way screenshots on a computer without additional applications via the Mozilla Firefox Quantum browser. So easy right? No need to bother anymore, you can make it in seconds! good luck guys.

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